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Case Studies

Learn about some of the impressive results we’ve achieved with industry leading clients.

Eagle Street Partners and CIM: A case study in fast-track efficiency

PEAK's deployment at a Glasgow office site has boosted operational efficiency, marked by an 18% electricity reduction.

Burlington leverages data to improve comfort and streamline workflows with PEAK

Burlington have improved comfort and streamline workflows by leveraging the power of the PEAK Platform.

CIM drives financial and sustainability performance for LaSalle through digitised property operations

PEAK has digitised operations at 7 LaSalle properties, monitoring nearly 100,000 square metres.

Charter Hall’s partnership with CIM drives portfolio efficiency through digital transformation

The PEAK Platform provides building analytics across 58 properties covering 1.45 million square metres.

Micro Electronics - Transforming Manufacturing Site operations with PEAK

Discover how micro electronic client sites are achieving proactive control, to stay ahead of issues and operate more efficiently with CIM's PEAK platform.

Kyko Group - 193 North Quay

Following engagement with CIM in 2013, 193 North Quay increased its NABERS rating from zero to five.

Life Sciences - Digitised, Smarter Building Operations with PEAK

This anonymised case study focuses on a CIM client operating in the life science sector, showing the improved transparency and control over plant and equipment performance achieved.

Museums Victoria: Preserving history through a modern approach to building management

Since 2016, CIM’s innovative PEAK Platform has helped Museums Victoria embed a modern approach to building management.

Tech Focused Approach Streamlines East Hotel Operations

East Hotel’s onsite team have used the PEAK Platform to empower decision-making, enhance collaboration and maximise asset efficiency.

QIC|GRE - Eastlands

The QICGRE operations team achieved a 15.4% combined demand reduction across the shopping centre on peak demand days.

Altis Property Partners | CBRE

Find out how Altis Property Partners achieved a 5.5 NABERS Energy rating in 2020, and a place in the top 13% of sustainable commercial assets in Australia

Knight Frank

Learn how Knight Frank is facilitating greater transparency & control over plant & equipment performance to drive efficiency & sustainability improvements

QIC | GRE Retail Portfolio

Discover how QICGRE uses CIM's building analytics platform to optimise operational efficiency and deliver sustainability results across its retail portfolio.

GPT Group Retail Portfolio

Find out how GPT partners with CIM to maximise the operational efficiency of eight shopping centres within its retail portfolio and deliver sustainable results.

Kyko Group - 99 Elizabeth Street

Find out how Kyko Group leveraged PEAK to achieve a 5.5 NABERS star rating in three years and an investment payback of 6 months.

Adelaide Airport

Find out how our smart building analytics technology is fast-tracking Adelaide Airport’s quest to become the most sustainable airport in the world.

Melbourne Museum

Cultural institutions have complex building operations challenges. Learn how PEAK identified and fixed more than 100 BMS and asset faults at Melbourne Museum and delivered a return on investment in five months.