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Factsheets: Transform your manufacturing plant for PEAK performance

CIM looked at 4 key challenges for the manufacturing industry and outlined how the PEAK Platform could solve these.

CSIRO “Best in Class” Report

Read the detail of how CIM’s PEAK platform was rated in an excerpt of CSIRO’s report, Evaluation of Next-Generation Automated Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD) Tools for Commercial Building Energy Efficiency.

Whitepaper: The Energy Blind Spots

Are UK hi-tech manufacturers obtaining maximum benefit from their critical plant and equipment data? Download the white paper to find out.

Company Brochure

CIM creates innovative building analytics software that helps run large buildings at their peak performance. Have a read of our company brochure to find out more about how you can transform your building operations with data-driven insights to improve efficiency, comfort and sustainability.

Smart Guide: How building analytics enhances your BMS for Manufacturing

CIM’s building analytics platform PEAK enhances BMS technology by providing insightful data that can be used to optimise equipment performance and lifespan, remove inefficiencies and reduce energy consumption and cost.

Smart Guide: ISO 50001 energy management with PEAK

ISO 50001 is the international standard for energy management systems. CIM's PEAK platform can assist your organisation on the ISO50001 journey, with these ten steps.