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The operational challenge for offices

Large commercial buildings can be complex to manage, with owners and operators required to carefully balance tenant comfort with environmental sustainability and profitability. This is particularly challenging without an operational process that enables visibility, collaboration and productivity. Office management teams are required to address the priorities of various stakeholders while maintaining performance oversight of plant, equipment, systems and contractors.

Workplace managers are challenged to:
Drive transparent workflows with vendors and contractors
Maintain a high level of tenant wellbeing, health and safety
Respond to pressures for the improvement of environmental performance
Streamline costs associated with operation and consumption
Manage legacy systems that may produce disparate data sets

The solution lies with the digitising of your office operations

The key to solving these challenges is unlocking the performance data stored within your office buildings and using it to optimise operations. The PEAK Platform empowers office operations teams to run their buildings better through the automation of critical activities and the acceleration of task completion with enhanced digital workflows.

The powerful technology provides real-time information and data-driven insights around the operational performance of office properties. With this greater visibility and control over building performance comes improved operational efficiency, tenant wellbeing, sustainability outcomes and asset profitability.

Why CIM's PEAK Platform?

Discover why so many of the global leaders in office management have chosen the PEAK Platform to run their properties better.

Prioritised tenant health and wellbeing

PEAK continuously monitors the operational performance of plant and equipment to identify faults or optimisation opportunities before they lead to a tenant complaint. The platform also monitors thermal comfort conditions across all zones, floors and tenancies, flagging any areas that do not fall within the desired range.

Enhanced operational efficiency

Accelerate action by simplifying the end-to-end process for fault detection, diagnosis and resolution. Embrace a collaborative workflow across the entire supply chain as critical operational activities are automated and the completion of key tasks are accelerated.

Improved sustainability outcomes

The platform facilitates resource-efficient and environmentally responsible office portfolios through data-driven insights which maximise operational efficiency and rapidly reduce energy consumption. Efficiently run offices with reduced carbon footprints achieve better sustainability ratings, meet their ESG goals, and deliver long-term value to shareholders and tenants.

Supercharged net zero and sustainability efforts

PEAK adds value to your office assets by driving peak operational and environmental performance. Continuous monitoring helps to pinpoint risks and opportunities, protects asset upgrades and drives savings. An efficiently managed office property attracts improved valuation, revenue and investor interest.
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CIM's PEAK Platform powers property teams in these world leading companies.

A trusted partner to the major office players

Hear from some of our customers who are unlocking the power of a digitised office portfolio.
“By digitising the facility management side of our building operations, we are able to continually meet and often exceed our objectives of reducing energy consumption and costs, improving thermal comfort, and streamlining day-to-day operations for our facility managers.”
Nidal Mechhawi
Head of Facilities Management, Knight Frank
“The platform saves me time, as it stores a complete history of what’s happened at the building - all in the one place. It also enables a centralised contractor workflow, reducing the time to chase up email communications. These might only drive small time savings, but they’re incremental - they build up over a period of time and over multiple sites.”
Sam Jones
Facilities Manager, CBRE
“The PEAK Platform enables us to look at our building in a bit more detail, analyse it, and understand it on a deeper level.”
Bill Jenkings
Director, Kyko Group