Enhance energy performance

Energy Management

The PEAK Platform transforms commercial buildings by optimizing energy consumption and maximizing environmental performance without compromise to tenant comfort.
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Streamlining building energy management:

Using cutting edge AI-powered analytics, property teams are emboldened to make faster, data-driven decisions that lower energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and elevate indoor environment conditions.

Why prioritize energy management in commercial buildings? 
Commercial properties are major contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions, with energy consumption the driving factor. The escalating climate crisis necessitates a genuine commitment to reducing these emissions and embracing more sustainable practices. This is where energy management steps in as a critical means to improve commercial property performance.

By strategically optimizing energy use, property owners and managers can realize significant cost savings. This directly impacts the net operating income (NOI), decreasing operational expenses without undermining tenant comfort.
Beyond savings, energy management offers an excellent avenue for enhancing asset value. Energy-efficient buildings earn higher environmental ratings, making them more attractive to prospective tenants and demanding higher rental returns. This, in turn, boosts overall property value.

Moreover, energy-efficient buildings create healthier and more comfortable spaces for occupants, leading to improved tenant satisfaction and higher retention rates.
Why CIM's PEAK Platform?

Optimize your building's energy management with PEAK

Take control of your commercial building's energy consumption with PEAK, CIM’s innovative building analytics solution. PEAK drives optimization of plant and equipment performance, identifying energy-draining faults, influencing procurement choices, and identifying opportunities through continuous monitoring. It also empowers maintenance teams, offering data-driven insights into building systems, facilitating smarter maintenance strategies, and minimizing equipment downtime.

Delivering tangible outcomes, the PEAK Platform has become the cornerstone of building operations for top-tier commercial owners and managers. Our approach was exemplified in our deployment across Charter Hall’s portfolio of more than 60 offices, where PEAK facilitated more than 17 million KWh of saved energy.

Some of the PEAK Platform’s key deliverables:

Reduced energy consumption

The PEAK Platform intelligently identifies energy inefficiencies and prioritizes areas for improvement. This helps lower energy consumption and costs, resulting in considerable savings over time and reduced energy bills.

Lower carbon emissions

Our platform optimizes energy use to lower your building's carbon emissions. In doing so, it contributes to climate change mitigation efforts and drives improved environmental ratings.

Improved tenant comfort

PEAK is constantly monitoring all zones to detect deviations from ideal thermal comfort and relative humidity ranges that could be impacting tenant wellbeing. By identifying and resolving these issues quickly, building owners and managers can enhance tenant satisfaction.

Benchmark progress

PEAK gives property teams the visibility, transparency and oversight required to move to data-driven operations. PEAK enables you to monitor, trend and benchmark team and supply chain performance, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, energy consumption, emissions avoided and much more.

Unlock the potential of your building’s data!

Discover how PEAK Platform can help you achieve best-in-class performance while significantly reducing your carbon footprint and energy costs.