Transform your cultural site operations

Balance patron comfort with artefact preservation using a data-driven approach to site operations.

The operational challenge for managers of cultural sites

Managing complex public assets such as a library or museum is uniquely challenging and fraught with risk. Most artefacts held in cultural institutions are made of natural organic material, rendering them particularly sensitive to indoor environmental conditions. Carefully controlling these conditions is energy intensive and requires specific expertise.

A delicate approach must be taken to:
Manage indoor environmental conditions such as temperature, relative humidity, filtration and ventilation
Maintain an equilibrium between visitor comfort and artefact preservation
Reduce energy consumption and costs without adversely impacting collections
Meet and maintain sustainability targets

Managing your cultural site just got a whole lot easier

With the help of building analytics, a more efficient approach is transforming how we care for these treasured collections. The PEAK Platform enables site operators to take a precise and consistent approach to managing their library or museum.

The platform provides continuous monitoring and analysis of indoor environmental conditions, giving you visibility and control over the performance of plant, equipment and conditions. The result is a cultural institution that is healthy and safe for collections and visitors alike.

Why CIM's PEAK Platform?

Discover why so many museum and library operators have chosen the PEAK Platform to run their sites better.

Precise control of indoor environment conditions

Careful management of temperature, humidity and ventilation is essential to ensure historic collections last for future generations. PEAK monitors the IAQ data, combines it with HVAC equipment performance and ambient conditions data, before applying machine learning algorithms to offer deep insights for the control of indoor conditions.

Maintain thermal comfort for visitors without compromising artefacts

PEAK’s insights can alert you to temperature and humidity changes as they happen. Intuitive dashboards provide a snapshot of each zone’s humidity KPI, highlighting the problem areas that need immediate attention and action. PEAK can also predict how conditions will change based on foot traffic patterns, so you take a proactive and carefully considered approach to climate control.

Improve environmental sustainability

PEAK helps you to control the internal environment through precise monitoring and analysis of every space. Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all energy approach, optimise HVAC usage based on the specific requirements of each room and artefact types, to reduce costs and achieve greater levels of environmental sustainability.

Reduced operational costs

PEAK can help reduce costs without compromising artefact preservation. The platform identifies operational inefficiencies and opportunities to improve system performance in real time, prioritising and pinpointing issues for quick resolution by maintenance teams. Use PEAK’s insights to streamline your maintenance routine through revised energy-efficient control strategies.
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Don't just take our word for it

CIM is helping to embed a modern approach to building management across four Museums Victoria sites.
“With history, art and culture at the fingertips of many thousands of viewers each year, operating large cultural centres where you have delicate collection items requiring extreme care can be challenging. Museums Victoria required a building analytics and technology partner to optimise operations and protect collection items so that we could focus more of our time on providing amazing customer experiences.”
Sean Langenberg
Building Engineer, Museums Victoria