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Predictive Maintenance

Empowering building owners and managers with data-driven solutions for proactive building system management
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PEAK’s predictive maintenance platform

Revolutionizing predictive maintenance for commercial buildings

Integrate the PEAK Platform into your workflow for a seamless and streamlined experience. 
Predictive maintenance is a proactive approach to maintaining building systems, equipment, and infrastructure. It focuses on predicting when equipment failures may occur and scheduling maintenance to prevent these failures, rather than waiting for them to happen. 
By implementing predictive maintenance strategies powered by the PEAK Platform, commercial building owners and managers can achieve significant improvements in efficiency, cost savings, and occupant satisfaction. The platform's advanced analytics capabilities, seamless integration with existing systems, and powerful collaboration tools make it an invaluable asset for optimizing building equipment performance and ensuring long-term success.
Why predictive maintenance?

Optimize building operations and minimize disruptions

Maintain optimal performance and efficiency of building systems
In commercial buildings, maintaining optimal performance and efficiency of building systems is crucial for both financial and operational success. Unexpected equipment failures and a reactive maintenance approach can result in costly repairs, increased energy consumption, and decreased tenant satisfaction.
By using advanced data analysis and machine learning algorithms, CIM’s PEAK Platform can accurately forecast potential equipment failures and maintenance needs before they occur, allowing for better planning, proactive intervention, and reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.
Predictive maintenance is essential for building owners and managers as it allows them to anticipate potential issues, enabling proactive and timely intervention.
Using PEAK as part of your predictive maintenance toolkit ensures that all building systems operate at maximum efficiency while minimizing the impact on occupants and business operations.
Why PEAK Platform?

Enhance your predictive maintenance strategy with PEAK’s advanced analytics

PEAK Platform is designed to supplement your BMS system, providing critical data that can be used to identify abnormalities, optimize equipment performance and lifespan, eliminate inefficiencies, and reduce energy consumption and costs. By harnessing machine learning algorithms, historical data, and real-time sensor data, the platform forecasts potential equipment failures and maintenance needs before they occur, allowing you to take preventive measures.

Commercial building owners and managers can benefit from using the PEAK Platform to power their predictive maintenance strategies in various ways:

Early detection of potential issues

The platform identifies potential problems before they escalate, preventing costly repairs and minimizing equipment downtime.

Enhanced decision-making

The platform provides actionable insights to guide smarter procurement decisions, helping you prioritize investments in equipment upgrades or replacements.

Optimized maintenance scheduling

By anticipating maintenance needs, you can better allocate resources and schedule maintenance activities more efficiently, reducing operational costs and labor expenses.

Continuous improvement

The PEAK Platform supports ongoing monitoring and analysis of building performance data, ensuring constant optimization and improvement of building systems and processes.

Unleash the power of your building’s data.

Experience the power of predictive maintenance with the PEAK Platform and gain a competitive edge in the commercial real estate market.