Hospitals and healthcare

Transform your facility for peak performance

Discover how to maintain your plant and equipment more efficiently so you can maintain focus on providing quality care services.

The challenge for healthcare facilities management

Facilities management plays a critical role within the healthcare environment, directly impacting the patient experience and enabling the efficient provision of clinical care. Hospitals, medical centres, nursing homes, clinics and assisted living facilities all deliver life-giving care, but are often challenged by disparate data, siloed processes, or poor workflows. These impede productivity and risk the devastating consequences associated with equipment downtime.

The healthcare property sector is challenged by:
An unpredictable and dynamic operating environment
Strict health and safety requirements around cleanliness, hygiene and air quality
Growing expectations from patients and visitors
Rising and unpredictable energy costs
Pressures to improve sustainability performance
Contractor workflows for issue resolution

Why CIM's PEAK Platform?

Discover why so many of the global leaders in property have chosen the PEAK Platform to run their facilities more efficiently.

Enables agile and strategic property operations 24/7

The platform provides real-time data and insights to optimally adjust plant operation in response to key factors such as foot traffic, opening hours and weather conditions. By providing a detailed analysis of building usage and load patterns, you can safely adjust equipment time schedules to match demand and streamline costs. Healthcare facilities often have critical activities running 24/7, rendering remote monitoring and digital automation even more important.

Improved sustainability outcomes

The platform facilitates resource-efficient and environmentally responsible healthcare facilities through data-driven insights which maximise operational efficiency and rapidly reduce energy consumption. Efficiently run facilities with reduced carbon footprints achieve better sustainability ratings, meet their ESG goals, and deliver long-term value to shareholders and facility users.

Supports an excellent patient and visitor experience

The PEAK Platform can be used to understand the thermal comfort rating in each zone within a healthcare facility and identify any inconsistencies. Digitised workflows enable thermal comfort issues to be proactively resolved before they lead to a complaint or major issue. This ensures a comfortable and safe environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Increases financial performance

PEAK adds value to your healthcare facility by driving peak operational and environmental performance. Continuous monitoring helps to pinpoint risks and opportunities, facilitates fault resolution, protects asset upgrades and drives savings. An efficiently managed property attracts improved valuation, revenue and investor interest.