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Deeper data,
that drives performance.

CIM's PEAK Platform is a best-in-class building analytics SaaS technology. The platform unleashes the power of existing building data, intelligent automation, and machine learning to provide visibility and control over property portfolios while improving efficiency, sustainability, and tenant comfort.
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Intelligent monitoring. 24/7.

PEAK’s vast library of advanced FDD algorithms continuously monitor all building equipment to immediately identify any failure, major anomaly or tuning opportunity.
All PEAK Alerts include a detailed explanation of the issue, impacted equipment, recommended solution and data trend history. Property teams can also deep dive into the root cause using PEAK’s advanced charting.
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Know first

Get an instant notification of equipment failure and minimise any downtime. Proactively manage the customer experience.

Fix issues faster

PEAK removes the guesswork and saves significant time by identifying the true root cause and recommending a solution.

Critical focus

Alerts are only generated once a major anomaly, failure or tuning opportunity is identified - significantly reducing alarm fatigue.

No technical knowledge required

All PEAK alerts feature detailed step by step solutions significantly reducing the onus on technical knowledge within the property team.

Supercharged collaboration.

Property teams can effortlessly assign Alerts to the correct team member with just a single tap using Actions Manager. Once assigned, all team members can seamlessly collaborate in real-time to quickly and efficiently resolve issues. With PEAK’s centralised workflow teams spend way less time doing meetings, emails and follow up - and more time getting things done.

Increase closure rate and velocity

Assign tasks with one tap and hold everyone to account with PEAK’s transparent workflow system.

End to end visibility

A complete digital history of all comments, screenshots, photos and documents related to the issue are saved to inform future decision-making.

Update from anywhere

Assign tasks, share progress and upload photos from your phone or tablet - keep issues moving when onsite, remote or on the move.

Prioritise activity

Quickly and easily assign your Actions inbox by priority ensuring issues are being addressed based on impact.
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Benchmark your progress.

PEAK gives Operation Managers and property teams the visibility, transparency and oversight required to move to data-driven property operations. PEAK enables you to monitor, trend and benchmark team and supply chain performance, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, energy consumption, emissions avoided and much more.
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One single view

All of your critical operational data in one place gives you a holistic view of operational performance across the entire portfolio.

Make data-driven decisions

Use PEAK to take a more strategic approach to operational performance and easily communicate to senior stakeholders your methodology

Every % counts

Benchmark and track your contribution to key organisational goals and give the entire team full visibility on progress

Improve team performance

Understand exactly how all your site teams are performing and easily identify the top performers and those who require more support
Indoor Environment

Smart monitoring for tenant comfort

PEAK’s Indoor Environment module tracks thermal comfort and relative humidity against ideal comfort conditions and setpoint controls. In real-time. Across all zones, floors, and tenancies. Maintain peace of mind that energy saving initiatives are not compromising the tenant experience, by answering the important questions: Which zones are too warm, too cool, too humid or too dry? Which sensors are broken? How are high priority zones performing? How are we tracking historically and against other properties?

Don’t wait for a hot or cold complaint

Proactively manage tenant comfort to minimise disruption that would otherwise impact satisfaction and productivity.

Action anomalies instantly

Where zone conditions are identified as needing improvement, raise a ticket pre-filled with the relevant details, data and charting.

Benchmark performance

Continuously improve by evaluating performance over time, across a portfolio or between zones.

Boost IE ratings

Leverage full tenant comfort records to improve Indoor Environment ratings, so you can demonstrate your commitment to providing great spaces for people to thrive.
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