PEAK Product Overview

Unlock the potential
of your portfolio

The best-in-class AI-powered building analytics platform that can
significantly improve a portfolio's financial and environmental performance.

Property owners who utilise PEAK are able to increase asset values and returns by making smarter CAPEX decisions, extending the life of critical equipment, improving sustainability ratings, reducing energy and maintenance costs, and ensuring a superior indoor environment.

PEAK ensures every portfolio asset continues to operate as efficiently and sustainably as possible by integrating all existing building data and continuously monitoring performance using our AI-powered algorithms.


Deeper data, that drives performance

PEAK collects and cleans in real-time existing utility, building and equipment data that is traditionally siloed into a single easy-to-understand portfolio-level dataset. This gives property owners unparalleled visibility into the operational performance of every building.


PEAK’s proprietary data extraction, normalisation and machine learning models enable your portfolio to be onboarded in weeks rather than months.


PEAK is able to operate on almost any commercial building as it's BMS, equipment manufacturer and property management firm agnostic.


PEAK can connect seamlessly to existing building systems, so no additional iOT sensors or monitoring equipment is required.


PEAK continuously collects and cleans utility, indoor environment and equipment data to create a truly unique and powerful portfolio dataset.

“We asked CIM to get involved so they could give us the oversight we needed across all sites and assist our team to continually achieve the highest levels of performance, collaboration and site optimisation possible.”

Scott Crellin

National Director, Group Property Operations


24/7 monitoring - so you don’t have to

PEAK’s AI-powered algorithms continuously monitor millions of data points across a portfolio to ensure every building remains at the optimum level of performance. PEAK algorithms monitor everything from overnight operation, equipment failure, utility wastage, tenant comfort to safety and compliance.

Powered by AI

PEAK's massive library of algorithms are powered by AI but designed by a team of world-class mechanical and mechatronic engineers. 

24/7 protection

Continuous, real-time remote monitoring of every portfolio asset significantly improves resilience and reduces operational risk.

Critical focus

Alerts are only generated once a major anomaly, failure or tuning opportunity is identified ensuring teams only work on high-value activities.

Know first

Get immediately notified in your favourite apps (such as Teams or Slack) about the tenants, floors or equipment that are most important to you.

“Technology like the PEAK Platform enables us to enhance the insights we get from our own building management systems, ultimately helping us scale back energy consumption and improve our environment for our customers”

Varun Nair

General Manager, Asset Management


Fix issues fast - before tenants are affected

PEAK empowers operations teams to keep portfolios running at maximum levels of efficiency by helping fix issues fast before tenants and customers are affected. With PEAK’s centralised workflow, teams spend way less time doing meetings, emails, and follow-ups.

No technical knowledge

All PEAK alerts feature detailed step-by-step solutions, significantly reducing the onus on technical knowledge.

Team collaboration

PEAK’s centralised workflow means all team members can seamlessly collaborate in real-time to quickly and efficiently resolve issues.

Update anywhere

Assign tasks, share progress and upload photos from your phone or tablet - keep issues moving when onsite, remote or on the move.

Customer Success

We’ll assign an experienced, dedicated success manager to dive deeper and provide strategic recommendations to improve building efficiency.

“Scheduled maintenance is now a thing of the past as PEAK helps us determine precisely when and where maintenance is needed. We can now actively anticipate and prevent breakdowns and don’t have to resort to costly fixes.”

Damien Stacey

National Capital & Planning Manager


Advanced building intelligence

PEAK provides Executive and Asset Management teams with advanced intelligence and transparency to make smarter data-driven decisions across portfolios. Easily benchmark asset performance and stay on top of critical data that can impact lease requirements, sustainability ratings and asset plans.


Effortlessly view all of your buildings and compare their performance to hundreds of others on the PEAK platform.

CAPEX planning

Use real-time equipment performance data to make smarter CAPEX decisions and budget for strategic asset plans.

Improve productivity

Understand exactly how site teams are performing and easily identify the top performers and those who require more support.

Portfolio visibility

All the critical operational data in one place gives a holistic view of operational performance across the entire portfolio.

“PEAK allows the asset management team to view across the portfolio and ensure that learnings from one asset are applied across many. The data we get from the platform certainly informs our decisions, present and future.”

Simon Howard

Co-Head of Australia