PEAK Platform workflow automation

in your building?

Get immediately notified in your favourite apps about the equipment and floors that are most important to you.

Ensure a market-leading tenant experience  

Asset Managers and operations teams are utilising PEAK’s workflow automation to ensure they are able to deliver and maintain the best possible experience for their tenants and customers.
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Lease Compliance

Maintain uptime for equipment tied to your lease agreements and immediately notify the appropriate technicians as soon as equipment performance drops.
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Tenant Experience

Ensure proactive communications with tenants by setting up immediate notifications about temperature and humidity deviations for your most important zones and floors.
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Data Driven Maintenance

Digitise your building operations by sending every issue straight to your maintenance contractors. Significantly improve team productivity and stop relying on wasteful routine inspections.
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Immediate Response

Issues can quickly arise through extreme weather or unforeseen circumstances. Send issues to your preferred team apps so everyone is aware of problems in real-time and can respond promptly.

Never be out of the loop again

Easily connect PEAK to apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams or even SMS, and you can:
Get immediately notified about your most critical issues.
Send each issue straight to the right technician for fast remediation.
Improve collaboration by creating team channels for shared monitoring of issues.
Avoid disruption when key personnel go on leave by easily redirecting issues.

Prioritise and manage urgent tasks effortlessly

PEAK workflow Automation empowers you and your team to take prompt action and ensure proactive communication when issues arise in your building. All of our workflows are powered by third-party connector Zapier and API webhooks.
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our workflow automation feature

How does an automated workflow work?

CIM automated workflow connects equipment alerts in PEAK to tools like Microsoft Teams, Outlook or Google Drive. Whenever equipment alerts that you care about are triggered you can automatically direct them to the right team or person. We do this through Zapier, a third-party tool that enables no-code automation.

How does Zapier work with CIM?

The alerts in your PEAK account can be used as triggers for your Zaps. A Zap is an automated workflow—consisting of a trigger and one or more actions—that connects your apps. Once Zapier receives a PEAK alert, you can set up different Zaps to determine where and who that alert is sent to.

How do I implement Zapier with CIM?

Look for ‘Integrations’ on the left hand side of the dashboard and then follow the steps to create your first ‘Zap’ by choosing one of the templates. Only premium sites will be allowed to set them up, please contact sales for more information.

Are all workflow automations shown on the Integrations page?

The templates listed in the page are a subset of all integrations available for CIM users. These templates are created by CIM and we are continuously adding more templates to the directory. You are able to create your own workflows in Zapier if you can’t find a suitable template or reach out to us for help.

Do I have to pay for a subscription to use workflow automation?

If you have a premium site on PEAK, you can create a Zapier account for free and start automating. Additional Zapier features can be unlocked with their different paid tiers.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please check our support page or chat to our friendly team.