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Key Features
24/7 equipment monitoring
24/7 indoor environment monitoring
Utility meter & submeter tracking & reporting
Alerts for critical issues
True root cause identification with recommended solutions
Digital workflow to assign & resolve issues
Accessible anytime, on any device
Integrate workflows with your favourite apps
Benchmark equipment performance
Benchmark indoor environment performance
Portfolio performance dashboard
API access to export building data
Customer Success & Support
Integration of BMS & utility metering data
Building team & contractor training
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Priority support

Professional Services

Engineering support for accelerated outcomes
Scope of Services
Building performance audit: Detailed analysis of energy, indoor environment & equipment performance
Bespoke HVAC strategy: Recommend best practice HVAC strategies requiring no capital expenditure
Building optimisation workshop: Agree with building team and contractors the implementation of control logic and strategy changes
12 month review: Report detailing outcomes achieved
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
How does CIM pricing work?
CIM’s software solution is the PEAK Platform and pricing consists of a monthly software subscription fee based on building size with no upfront capex costs.

CIM also offers an Add On Advisory Service where pricing consists of a fixed annual fee and is determined by the size and composition of your portfolio (e.g. commercial, retail, manufacturing, airports, museums).
What types of data does CIM collect and measure?
The CIM PEAK Platform integrates with building control systems and sensors and can collect data from both Building Management Systems (e.g. HVAC, lighting, indoor air quality, sub-metering) and third party providers and APIs (e.g. utility metering and weather stations). CIM requires your BMS system to be BACnet/ IP compatible or support automated CSV exports.
How does CIM collect data?
The CIM PEAK Platform collects building system data via a plug-and-play Gateway Device into the BMS local network system and continues to collect data from controllers during outbound internet disruption. Third party data is collected and combined with building system data via API, web connection methods, scheduled CSV extracts and more. All data is securely stored in the cloud and exportable via the online PEAK Platform via CSV and API methods.
How does CIM monitor equipment to locate issues?
First we create a digital model of every piece of building equipment normalised against a standard data model. Then we deploy our complex rules algorithms developed and tested over the course of +8 years by expert engineers across all equipment and continuously monitor the entire building system to locate points of failure and waste. Our Actions Engine makes it easy for operations teams and service technicians to fix issues and share progress and takes the guesswork out of equipment maintenance.
What information do I need to provide CIM to integrate my building?
We only require three pieces of information to integrate to your building. All onboarding steps are self-serve and can be performed using your PEAK account:
- BMS IP Configuration - Forwardable instructions for your BMS contractor or IT team to complete to enable configuration of your CIM Gateway Device
- BMS View Only Access - Share view only access to your BMS to allow CIM to digitise equipment and normalise BMS points for monitoring
- Utility Meter Letter of Authority - FM to upload signed letter to permit utility provider to send data to PEAK
How long does onboarding take?
Once you have provided CIM the required onboarding information, full digitisation of your building equipment can take up to 30 business days depending on the volume and complexity of your BMS equipment and points. Our plans include the point tagging and data normalisation to create a digital model of every piece of equipment as well as deployment and tuning of rules.
What training and support is included?
We are dedicated to providing training and ensuring that your team gets the most out of the CIM PEAK Platform. Our plans all include standard levels of training, support and product guidance.
How many users can I have?
All of our plans include unlimited users including access for your external service technicians and contractors. Our software licences are based on the number of buildings and equipment.
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