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"Building Peak Performance" Podcast

We created the "Building Peak Performance" Podcast to share the insights, learnings and expertise of our experienced building engineers, who spend all day helping to innovate and leverage building analytics to improve sustainability, profitability and comfort of large buildings.

Watch this space for the launch of a refreshed video podcast series, combining insights from the industry's leading thinkers.

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Shopping around

Retail has faced many new challenges over recent years, forcing shopping centre operators to find new ways to enhance the customer experience while cutting costs and delivering more value to property owners. By using data more intelligently with the help of building analytics, shopping centre operators are discovering how to quickly improve the operational performance of their assets and channel the savings into delivering a better shopping experience.

New ways to preserve the old

Precisely controlling environmental conditions takes an entirely new perspective when it comes to protecting the condition and longevity of precious artefacts in museums. CIM engineer Arghya Sen discusses how some of the old ways of environmental control in museums are being replaced by a new and more sustainable way of thinking.

Let’s get digital

The building management industry is the latest to experience digital transformation, following suit from the transport and retail industry – but how exactly do you digitise a building, and what are the benefits?

We normally think of buildings as large, static things. But they are dynamic environments that have to manage the needs of visitors and tenants against managing the costs and enviro concerns. Like every other business building management is seeing changes through digital transformation and how do you digitise a building and what’s the benefit?

New age engineers

Fast access to lots of data is changing the way building engineers approach their work. New tools are letting them see more data at velocity to leverage the data alongside their expertise to make better decisions, faster, with more certainty and less intuition. With building equipment collecting lots of data, the ability to access and use that information is giving engineers more insights that help them use building assets more efficiently. Scott has been a building engineer for almost a decade and with CIM since 2017, where he is a Senior Mechanical Engineer.

Flying high

Airports are incredibly complex places. A large amount of technology and equipment is required to ensure everything from security, managing luggage and freight is properly managed. Aside from managing the movement of passengers and luggage, there are also significant restaurant and retail environments. CIM Engineer Arghya Sen discusses the challenges faced by airport operators as they maintain a comfortable environment for all patrons and tenants, while reducing their operational costs and carbon emissions.

Eating your own dog food

We often take software for granted. But the reality is that almost everything we do from driving a car to being comfortable while we shop or work is supported or governed by software.  Those computer programs are developed by people who have anticipated and deal with what people want and need. Anton Mazkovoi joined CIM to lead its software development team. His vision for the development of the PEAK platform tells a lot about the future of CIM and how PEAK will revolutionise the way we think about resource and environmental management.

Everybody needs good NABERS

Anthony is joined by long-time CIM customer Bill Jenkings, director of the private Australian property investment and development company Kyko Group, who operates in the office, retail, residential and hospitality sectors. He joined CIM senior engineer Scott Beauman to discuss how improving environmental performance and ratings also improves the value of commercial buildings.