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Building Optimisation

Achieve your advanced building optimisation goals with dedicated support from our market-leading team of expert engineers.
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Identify opportunities to use your equipment more intelligently

Unlike more costly capex strategies, improving the performance of
existing equipment via control systems (i.e. optimisation or tuning) can provide immediate gains in operational efficiency. The ROI can often be measured in months, not years.

Ultimately, the results you’ll get from using your current equipment more intelligently are much better than simply throwing money at upgrades. And our market-leading team is ready to help you pinpoint these valuable opportunities
for optimisation.

Leverage our team’s world-class capability

To complement the PEAK Platform’s best-in-class functionality, we offer technical engineering support by an in-house team of industry experts over a set engagement timeframe. Our market-leading team of engineers, backed by mechanical, mechatronic, and building service expertise has been channelled into the development and ongoing support of the platform and its users.

The team includes building services engineers with more than 65 years of industry-relevant expertise from Johnson Controls, Siemens, Schneider, and Alerton. We will partner with you to simplify and accelerate the end-to-end process of fault detection, diagnosis and problem resolution, as well as provide continuous advice on how to optimise your properties for peak performance.

How will the team optimise my building?

Our engineering team will work closely and collaboratively with you to identify opportunities for operational efficiency. Leveraging data and analytics from the PEAK Platform, we will identify, assess, triage and support the execution of these optimisation opportunities.

In addition to access to our software solution, our advisory service includes but is not limited to:
Building performance optimization and seasonal tuning reviews
Control strategies powered by CIM PEAK Platform
Prioritisation and management of faults
Custom development of building-specific rules
Reduced base building and peak demand energy usage
Alignment of building operations towards Net Zero goals
Comprehensive reporting schedule and portfolio benchmarking