Transform your campus facility operations

Enhance the educational experience, optimise resource utilisation, and drive sustainability by adopting an analytics-driven approach to the maintenance of your campus infrastructure, plant, and equipment.

The university operations challenge

Operating a university campus is a complex endeavour. Campus management demands balancing numerous priorities and resources while catering to the diverse needs of students, faculty, and visitors. In order to provide an exceptional learning environment, efficiency and sustainability must be prioritised.

Whether you are a campus services manager, operations leader, sustainability officer, or an asset manager overseeing university assets, efficient data-driven operations are essential for ensuring a high-quality experience and long-term asset performance.

University operators are challenged to juggle multiple priorities, including:
Curbing financial strains. The financial horizon is unsettling with a 9.3% expenditure drop forecasted in Australia from 21–22 to 24–25. A 40% turnover rate among built environment staff further complicates the picture.
Minimising emissions for improved sustainability outcomes. A significant 88% of surveyed institutions have set emissions targets, while a mere 29% of carbon is being mitigated.
Keeping core assets running for harder and longer. The 9-5 operational window is now largely obsolete, with students and faculty demanding 24/7 access to facilities.
Reducing downtime and availability. Seamless operations are not just pivotal for ongoing research but also to uphold a university’s reputation.
Addressing a huge of maintenance requests and adapting to dynamic occupancy levels. As one University Operations Manager revealed, they grapple with 40,000 complaints annually.

Master the art of campus operations with the PEAK Platform

The PEAK Platform empowers stakeholders responsible for university facilities management to work smarter and more collaboratively, adapting to the complex and ever-changing needs of the campus environment.

The platform provides real-time information and data-driven insights on the operational performance of university campuses, while digitising workflows for accelerated resolution of issues related to operational plant and equipment. The platform continuously monitors all equipment to immediately identify any anomalies, minimising any disruption to campus activity.This drives measurable improvement in energy efficiency, thermal comfort, equipment lifecycle, and contractor engagement.

Why CIM's PEAK Platform?

Discover why the PEAK Platform is the preferred software choice for leading educational institutions.

Enables agile and strategic site operations

The platform delivers real-time data and insights to optimally adjust plant operation in response to key factors such as foot traffic, occupancy, and weather conditions. Detailed analysis of campus usage and load patterns enables you to safely adjust equipment time schedules to match demand and streamline costs.

Supports an excellent educational experience

The PEAK Platform helps you understand the thermal comfort rating in each zone within a campus and identify any inconsistencies. Digitised workflows enable proactive resolution of thermal comfort issues before they lead to student or faculty complaints. This ensures a comfortable and safe environment for all.

Builds resilience and mitigates risk

The platform enables your university to absorb market shocks and continue delivering long-term returns by streamlining campus operations and expenditure. Adopting a data-driven maintenance approach minimises wasted time and money, while efficiently managed assets attract improved valuation, revenue, and investor interest.

Accelerates sustainability and net zero efforts

Universities become resource-efficient and environmentally responsible through data-driven insights and improved workflows, maximising operational efficiency and  reducing energy consumption. Efficiently run campuses with smaller carbon footprints achieve better sustainability ratings, meet their ESG goals, and deliver long-term value to stakeholders and the community.

Proven track record

We work across hundreds of buildings spanning office, retail, airports, hotels, museums and healthcare facilities. We also work with leading universities in Australia and the UK, with most recently added clients at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and University College Cork (UCC).
University College Cork (UCC)

The PEAK Platform is live at University College Cork (UCC), Ireland. UCC was the first third-level education institute worldwide to receive the Green Campus award and the first University to attain ISO 50001 Energy Management certification. PEAK supports UCC to continually drive their sustainability goals forward.
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

PEAK is operational at at the University of Technology Sydney Building 4. Located in Sydney’s CBD, the building houses the university’s original Faculty of Science. It consists of various labs, teaching spaces, informal study areas, and a recently added specialist research facility.The deployment demonstrates the university's progressive technology-first approach. It is the second UTS building to leverage CIM’s analytics solution, joining Building 10 which accommodates the Faculty of Health and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.