AHU fault at university detected and resolved via PEAK

July 13, 2023


The PEAK Platform, in its capacity as a powerful FDD tool, continues to deliver value at a busy Sydney university. In a recent example, PEAK Alerts detected that an Air Handling Unit (AHU) had stopped working. The notified Facilities Manager shared the alert with the BMS contractor, who promptly investigated.


The contractor soon found the supply air fan motor contactor did not energise. On further investigation, he discovered that the unit had tripped due to a thermal overload of the motor contactor.


After rectifying the faulty AHU, there were no further abnormalities to report. Not only did the platform flag a critical operational issue, it served as the pathway to finding the root cause and resolving it. If left unchecked, the issue would likely have impacted thermal conditions in the spaces served by the unit, leaving campus users uncomfortable and frustrated.

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