Transform your retail operations

Optimise the operation of your retail portfolio and channel the savings into delivering a superior shopping experience.

The operational challenge for retail

Shopping centres play a vital role in the community, delivering exceptional retail experiences for customers and retailers alike. They are also highly complex to operate, with powerful equipment running simultaneously to maintain temperature, air quality, ventilation, overall comfort and more. These systems produce billions of data points, but as they are largely unstructured, it can be a challenge to maintain the smooth operating environment required to juggle various priorities.

Owners and operators of shopping centres are under pressure to balance the following priorities and more:
Attract and retain retail tenants
Deliver a compelling and safe shopping experience
Maintain a profitable asset for superior investor returns
Manage workflows for multiple contractors and vendors
Be agile and responsive to varying levels of foot traffic
Control a mix of old and new equipment
Reduce emissions for improved sustainability

Managing your retail portfolio just got a whole lot easier

The PEAK Platform empowers centre operations teams to work smarter and more collaboratively - enabling them to better adapt to the needs of a dynamic retail environment.

The technology provides real-time information and data-driven insights around the operational performance of retail properties, while digitising workflows for the accelerated resolution of critical tasks. This drives measurable improvement in energy efficiency, thermal comfort, equipment lifecycle and contractor engagement - at both the centre and portfolio level.

Why CIM's PEAK Platform?

Discover why so many of the global leaders in retail have chosen the PEAK Platform.

Enables agile and strategic property operations

The platform provides real-time data and insights to optimally adjust plant operation in response to key factors such as foot traffic, opening hours and weather conditions. By providing a detailed analysis of building usage and load patterns, you can safely adjust equipment time schedules to match demand and streamline costs.

Supports an excellent customer experience

The PEAK Platform can be used to understand the thermal comfort rating in each area within a centre and identify any inconsistencies. Digitised workflows enable  thermal comfort issues to be proactively resolved before they lead to a tenant complaint or customer inconvenience. This ensures a comfortable and safe shopping environment for all.

Builds resilience and mitigates risk

The platform positions your retail portfolio to absorb market shocks and continue to deliver long-term returns by streamlining building operations and expenditure. Deploying a data-driven maintenance approach minimises wasted time and money endlessly troubleshooting problems. An efficiently managed retail asset attracts improved valuation, revenue and investor interest.

Supercharges net zero and sustainability efforts

Retail centres become resource-efficient and environmentally responsible through data-driven insights and improved workflows which maximise operational efficiency and rapidly reduce energy consumption. Efficiently run retail centres with smaller carbon footprints achieve better sustainability ratings, meet their ESG goals, and deliver long-term value to shareholders and tenants.
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CIM's PEAK Platform powers property teams in these world leading companies.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our customers who are unlocking the power of a digitised portfolio.
“Scheduled maintenance checks and servicing is now a thing of the past as the data helps us determine precisely when and where maintenance is needed. We can now actively anticipate and prevent equipment breakdowns which means equipment is more likely to last its specified lifespan and we don’t have to resort to costly fixes or replacements.”
Damien Stacey
National Capital & Planning Manager, QICGRE
"We asked CIM to get involved so they could give us the oversight we needed across all sites and assist our team to continually achieve the highest levels of performance, collaboration and site optimisation possible.”
Scott Crellin
National Director, Group Property Operations, GPT
“CIM keeps our contractors honest. The platform will identify faults independently and allow our building managers to ensure we are getting the best out of contractors. And that can save significant dollars.”
Bill Jenkings
Director, Kyko Group