Chilled water optimisation drives efficiency win

September 25, 2023


At a Sydney office building, due to a failed pressure sensor and lost communication to the BMS, all three of the building’s chilled water (CHW) pumps were operating at the maximum speed and were unable to reach the differential pressure (DP) setpoint. Given the size and cooling capacity of the pumps, the fault was causing a significant spike in energy consumption.


The PEAK Platform’s vast library of algorithm-based rules detected the sensor programming error and triggered an alert. The alert notified the contractor of the fault and a offered steps for its resolution. Promptly investigated, the contractor modified the unit’s programming to resolve the issue.


Following the intervention, the building’s CHW pumps are now only operating at around 60% speed to achieve the required DP setpoint. This drove an energy saving of more than $23,000 annually.


  • Optimisations are important to help protect sustainability ratings, in this case a 5 Star NABERS Energy rating. And to ensure alignment with company-wide Net Zero commitments.
  • Real-time intelligent monitoring of plant and equipment ensures that faults are identified quickly to avoid disrupting indoor environment conditions and tenant comfort.
  • Aligned to the principles of data-driven maintenance, identifying the root cause of faults ensures maintenance resources are optimised and equipment lifecycle is maximised.

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