Data-driven maintenance transforms compliance monitoring of critical NABERS IE sensors

December 5, 2023


A leading facilities management company oversees a prestigious portfolio of commercial properties, valued well into the billions. The renowned portfolio offers close to 300,000 square meters of premium office accommodation. The properties are renowned for their superior indoor environment and sustainability standards, attracting global companies as anchor tenants. However, maintaining these standards, especially the NABERS Indoor Environment (IE) ratings, has presented unique challenges.

The challenge

A critical aspect of maintaining the portfolio’s premium IE standing has been the management of over 4,700 temperature sensors, essential for tenant comfort, compliance and assessment. Historically, the process of monitoring these sensors has been highly reactive, riskily relying on yearly data exports to assess compliance. Such a process is known to identify malfunctioning sensors after-the-fact, rendering the requisite temperature data unavailable to NABERS IE assessors. This was made worse by a preventive maintenance strategy, which relied heavily on rigidly scheduled checks that did not specifically target sensor performance, leading to potential oversights in sensor reliability.

The resolution

The deployment of CIM’s PEAK Platform has transformed this reactive maintenance approach in favour of data-driven maintenance (DDM), as continuous monitoring and advanced AI-powered analytics now guide maintenance decisions. This ensures critical sensors are monitored all year round, while faults are identified and diagnosed immediately so as to avoid the risk of inaccurate, missing or unreliable data.

The impact

The adoption of CIM's PEAK platform has revolutionised the monitoring of temperature sensors across the portfolio. It has led to more reliable compliance data, reduced the risk of penalties due to sensor malfunctions, and optimised maintenance costs. This proactive approach has also improved the overall efficiency of the operations team, allowing for more targeted and effective interventions rather than “people going around checking sensors that aren’t broken”.


This workflow transformation demonstrates the power of a data-driven approach to facilities management and maintenance to enhance operational efficiency and ensure compliance in high-value commercial properties. For our client, the process supports their delivery of an exceptional tenant experience, and ensures their NABERS IE ratings remain industry-leading. This has improved their ability to attract premium anchor tenants while avoiding penalties for failing to meet minimum lease requirements as they relate to IE ratings.