June 1, 2021

Tech Focused Approach Streamlines East Hotel Operations

Located in the heart of Canberra, Australia, East Hotel is a contemporary, cool and vibrant apartment hotel that offers guests a unique experience that is a little bit left of centre. Owned and managed by the family-run Bisa Property Group, they sought a building analytics and technology provider to streamline their operations. Since 2017, East Hotel’s onsite team have used CIM’s PEAK Platform to empower decision-making, enhance collaboration and maximise asset efficiency.


Hotels are lively spaces where foot traffic and occupancy can peak at a moment's notice. Because of the industry’s dynamic nature, a common challenge is the need to optimise thermal comfort to maintain customer satisfaction. Requiring precise air ventilation and temperature control, onsite teams need access to information to make smarter and faster decisions.

Bisa Property Group sought CIM’s innovative PEAK Platform to reduce the complexity of operations and empower onsite teams to have more control and visibility over decisions. This included using data-driven insights to reduce manual temperature handling.

“Due to a lack of transparency and visibility of our operational data, we sought a technology provider to help us run our hotel more efficiently. By working collaboratively with CIM, they provided the technology and insights for us to unlock operational benefits beyond our expectations.”
- Peter Bisa, Financial Controller, East  Hotel


CIM’s PEAK Platform reduces the complexity of operating hotels by providing actionable insights in near real-time. This proactive approach to building management means East Hotel’s onsite team can better control thermal comfort, improve efficiencies and implement smarter capital planning to reduce costs.

Maintaining Operations During COVID-19

With COVID-19 dramatically reducing occupancy, Bisa Property Group needed to prioritise the health and safety of people, reduce building inefficiencies and save costs. With the added complexity of managing the building with fewer staff, the remaining onsite team worked collaboratively with CIM’s technical engineering team to navigate these challenging times.

To simplify building operation, the PEAK Platform was an essential tool for implementing unique asset control strategies. Through the added visibility and transparency of information, the technology-focussed approach helped optimise air quality, ventilation and temperature control. This ensured the East Hotel remained a safe space for visitors at all times.


CIM’s technical engineering team created bespoke PEAK Platform innovations to help East Hotel run its building more efficiently. Innovations included: 

  • Economy Mode Operations: Utilising outdoor air for free cooling when applicable. It was also a critical risk reduction strategy throughout COVID-19 which allowed clean air to circulate throughout the building.  
  • Zone Setpoint Limitations: An added control strategy to prevent temperature setpoints in common areas going beyond a 21-24°C range. This was especially relevant because of the hotel's dynamic occupancy load. 
  • Occupancy Insights Tracker: Designed for stakeholders to understand what rooms were being utilised most. The equipment used in the rooms with higher occupancy would have a lower life cycle than those used in spaces with lower occupancy. This facilitated a smarter approach to capital planning.
“CIM’s incredible approach to customer engagement and their powerful PEAK Platform meant they earned our trust extremely fast. Throughout our time working together, their insights have always been precise and empowering. Without a doubt, they are part of our wider facilities management team.”
- Tim Murdoch, Facilities Manager, East Hotel 


Key Statistics

  • 2817 monitored points 
  • 1888 rules deployed
  • 240 major equipment monitored

Using technology as the cornerstone of their modern approach to building management, the East Hotel has realised the following benefits.

Soft Benefits

The PEAK platform has unlocked value for East Hotel by improving workflow management, collaboration, and data-driven decision making. These soft benefits will continue to empower and upskill stakeholders and maintain optimal performance over the long term. By using technology to unlock value, it has also created a more flexible and agile operation that compliments the dynamic nature of the hotel industry.

Hard Benefits

Through improvements to the operating efficiency of the building and the onsite collaboration between teams, East Hotel has achieved significant sustainability outcomes. Since 2017, they have saved: 317 MWh in electricity - A 18.5% reduction. 1,422.40 GJ in gas - A 17% reduction

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