June 28, 2022

Micro Electronics - Transforming Manufacturing Site operations with PEAK

CIM’s building analytics technology and world-class customer support team is helping Fortune 500 complex manufacturing facilities to rapidly transform facility operations driving efficiency, sustainability and economic benefits.

A world-renowned electronics manufacturer partnered with CIM to more effectively manage critical plant and equipment. The PEAK platform was deployed in 3 sites within a 12-month period, and has delivered energy cost reductions, CO2 savings, improved uptime, increased reliability, identified safety concerns and improved overall site operations.

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"We strived for proactive control, to stay ahead of issues and operate more efficiently. Pressure was constantly on!" - Site Facilities Manager, Micro Electronics


This manufacturer operates numerous sites producing electronic hardware, including micro hardware, in strictly controlled environments. The facilities team rely heavily on third parties to support their operation, and found they were operating quite reactively to site and equipment issues, driving operational cost upwards.

  • Difficulty accessing data from multiple, disparate sources (e.g. BMS, EFT energy meters, main meter etc)
  • Being unable to prioritise issues led to daily operational planning challenges and reactive maintenance regimes, risking uptime of critical equipment
  • Lack of visibility on energy data made identifying cost improvements and energy savings difficult
  • Maximising thermal compliance of all working areas was key


Based on these challenges, the objectives for CIM were clear:

  • Systems reporting needed to be streamlined. Data needed to be presented in an accessible and meaningful format, empowering the Facilities team to take required actions.
  • Energy consumption needed to be managed, problem areas identified and savings realised as quickly as possible.
  • Overall Operational costs needed to reduce, Operators and Assets needed to be more efficient, and Capex Planning & decisions more accessible.
"We can now guarantee thermal compliance in all working areas since the deployment of PEAK, and present this using CIM PEAK Dashboards. This was hugely important as we managed full return of staff to site post pandemic." - Facilities Manager, Micro Electronics


Large complex pharmaceutical sites generate a wealth of data that, when unlocked by a proven building analytics software, can help to drive better decision-making and improve operational performance. To harness these opportunities within its own portfolio, this micro electronic manufacturer engaged CIM as its preferred building analytics provider to help uplift the operational performance of its major manufacturing sites.

The PEAK platform delivers a smarter, data-driven approach to building operations, and in partnership with CIM’s customer success team of remote engineering experts, the on-site teams receive the right advice on building tuning, optimisation, maintenance and CAPEX planning.

Key Results

  • Improved visibility and control - In 12 months, PEAK proactively identified more than 440 faults and tuning opportunities, providing diagnosis and resolution insights, preventing downtime, ensuring thermal compliance and improving operational efficiency
  • Energy Savings - PEAK generated 490kg of CO2 realised energy savings and demand reductions across the 3 sites in 12 months, reducing peak demand on one building alone by 40%
  • Contractor Control - PEAK improved Contractor workflows as the Facilities Managers were able to ensure issues were resolved as required and in line with the SLA (Service Level Agreement)
Download the complete case study