May 20, 2022

Life Sciences - Digitised, Smarter Building Operations with PEAK

CIM’s building analytics software is helping Fortune 500 Complex Manufacturing facilities to rapidly transform facility operations driving efficiency, sustainability and economic benefits.

A world-leading manufacturer of pharmaceuticals partnered with CIM to more effectively manage critical plant and equipment. PEAK has delivered cost reductions, CO2 savings, improved uptime, increased reliability, identified safety concerns, and empowered facilities technicians. Since the inception of our partnership in 2019, PEAK has been deployed across 12 sites globally, with this client facilitating greater control over these highly-regulated and complex facilities.

“We were dealing with a stagnation of energy reduction initiatives, and were finding it difficult to identify low-cost and quick initiatives and solutions. This was leading to Operators becoming more and more inefficient due to unclear direction.” - Site Facilities Manager, Life Sciences

Key challenges:

  • Ingesting data from multiple systems with limited connectivity (e.g. Buiding Management Systems, Energy Management Systems, CDA, N2, Waste water treatment systems, WifI skids etc)
  • Achieving Opex reduction on any controllable costs
  • Improving uptime across critical plant & equipment
  • Managing with limited resources - people, capital, and time


Based on these challenges, the objectives for CIM were clear. Areas where the PEAK Platform could support this Life Science Manufacturer were immediately identified:

  • Energy Consumption needed to be managed, as quickly as possible. This manufacturer has committed to NetZero by 2030 (scope 1 +2) and reducing demand side consumption is imperative.
  • ‘Dark’ system level data had to be unlocked and onsite operations teams empowered with identified actionable insights to create change.
  • Systems reporting needed to be streamlined, which in turn would lead to Operator and Asset Efficiency, and enable proactive maintenance.
“Fantastic platform – love the analytics & transfer of data. Everyone involved in the facility’s performance is now using PEAK to raise, discuss and investigate issues. PEAK has also become key when we are developing strategies to improve performance as we now have historical review on how the building has responded to previous strategies. PEAK has not only given us environmental and economic benefits, but has created a complete cultural shift to a supercharged, efficient team.” - Site Facilities Manager, Life Sciences


Large complex pharmaceutical sites generate a wealth of data that, when unlocked by a proven building analytics software, can help to drive better decision making and improve operational performance. To harness these opportunities within its own portfolio, this Life Science Manufacturer engaged CIM as its preferred building analytics provider to help uplift the operational performance of its major manufacturing sites. The PEAK platform delivers a smarter, data-driven approach to building operations, and in partnership with CIM’s customer success team of remote engineering experts, the onsite teams receive the right advice on building tuning, optimisation, maintenance and CAPEX planning.

Key Results

  • Energy savings - 4GWh, 1200MT of CO2e, 10x return on investment within 12 months
  • Improved visibility and control across critical plant and equipment - preventing downtime, improving compliance (GMP areas), and optimising thermal comfort for employees.
  • Accountability for contractors - PEAK provides this life science facilities manager with the ability to ensure contractors are resolving issues in line with their SLA (service level agreement)
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