Webinar: The Role of Operations in driving Superior Asset Performance

February 16, 2023


The core objective of asset management is to maximise property value and investment returns over the life cycle of a property portfolio. The management or operation phase is typically the longest and therefore offers the greatest opportunity to drive value and superior performance.

By improving operational efficiency, costs are reduced, tenant complaints are minimised, green performance ratings are optimised, and team productivity is maximised. The cumulative result is a resilient portfolio with increased profitability, reduced exposure to risk and greater interest from quality investors.

In this webinar, the next in our series on ‘The Future of Property Operations’, our expert panel delves into the role of operational efficiency in driving superior financial performance for assets under management.


  • Emily Wills, LaSalle, Managing Director, Asset Management
  • Edward O'Brien, Fund Manager, Strada
  • David Walsh, CEO and Founder CIM