Webinar: The role of data in driving sustainable & operational excellence

January 26, 2023


Building Management is a dynamic and strategic business discipline central to keeping the built environment resilient, optimised, comfortable and running smoothly. The responsibilities of a facilities management and operations teams have advanced with the advent of new technologies, data accessibility, sustainability demands, cost pressures and more.

Our impressive panel of industry experts will facilitate an engaging conversation about this important topic, sparking a discussion on data and its role in driving excellence in both sustainability and operations.

Our panellists will delve into:

  • The role of data in driving sustainability
  • How data is supporting day-to-day to Building Operations, and if not, what is needed?
  • The changing building operational roles, and the impact of data
  • As we kick off 2023, are we, with regard to the overall built environment, doing enough to hit global emission targets