Webinar: The Energy Blind Spot

March 11, 2022

Industry are relying on the BMS but they need to mind the gap between what they think is happening and the reality of the building performance due to lack of real visibility and shortage of data.

- Jim McClelland, SustMeme

Without accurate, reliable and relevant information from a vast dataset you cannot make intelligent decisions about energy consumption, benchmarking and sustainability in facilities around HVAC & Utilities. There are 'easy' savings to be made to drive the next level of change for Net Zero operations in the future.

- Conor Murray ASHRAE

I often feel management sometimes struggle. They feel that the sustainability journey has to deploy a significant amount of CAPEX at the outset & that can paralyse them into inaction - they often miss the opportunities to optimise what they have & achieve energy wins & sustainability with data available..

- Paul Walsh, CIM