Webinar: Driving Tenant Satisfaction

March 29, 2023


Watch our recent panel discussion focused on tenant satisfaction, one of the most important indicators for predicting the future success of an asset. Hybrid working is forcing commercial tenants to rethink their leasing requirements. By focusing on tenant satisfaction, those in the commercial property sector can retain more clients and improve occupancy and vacancy levels.

Research mentioned during the discussion: Office Demand Trends in London, New York and Paris (CoStar)

On the panel:

- Mark Stansfield, Senior Director of Market Analytics at CoStar Group UK

- Michael Purcell, Director Asset Management at Eagle Street Partners

- Michael Young, Global Head of Partnerships at CIM

- Jim McClelland, Sustainable Futurist & Founder at SustMeme (Host)

Topics include:

💡 The latest CRE market data in relation to occupancy and vacancy

💡 The changing CRE rental markets and the needs of tenants

💡 What is needed to deliver on prime tenant requirements

💡 Can building stock deliver on them

Vacancy rates in office stock across the UK, and globally, are on the rise post-pandemic. We are also now in the midst of a growing movement to return to the office post-pandemic, but occupancy still falls low.

The discussion also covers the potential impact of achieving the above to improve vacancy, occupancy, and retention while driving higher returns for building owners and asset management teams. We'll focus where data has a role to play for all stakeholders, building owners, building management and tenants, in meeting these challenges.