Substantial Savings Through Proactive Engagement

February 1, 2022

CIM's PEAK platform is relied upon by leaders in the Life Science sector. Facility and maintenance teams use it to reduce energy costs, achieve GMP compliance and reduce unplanned downtime.


A Tier 1 Manufacturer from the Life Sciences sector deployed PEAK to manage their critical plant equipment. PEAK flagged that one Air Handling Unit (AHU) had both the supply and return fans locked in @ 45Hz each. When further investigated, the CIM team learned that this change had been manually implemented forcing both fans to operate at a fixed 45Hz.


CIM recommended that the Site team return the fans to auto operation. This enables the variable speed drives to control the fans speed in response to demand and conditions.Once this change was implemented, the fan speeds ramped back significantly, thus lowering electrical and thermal demand.


This proactive and quick fix resulted in a sustained reduction of 12.5kW electrical power demand along with a reduced demand on thermal requirements.Estimated savings for this action resolution is €15.5k per annum.