Identifying Poor Control Loops to Avoid Excessive Equipment Operation

March 16, 2022

CIM's PEAK platform is relied upon by leaders in the micro electronics sector. Facility and maintenance teams use it to reduce energy costs, achieve GMP compliance and reduce unplanned downtime.


A Tier 1 manufacturer from the micro electronics sector deployed PEAK to manage their critical plant and equipment. They have aggressive net-zero and carbon neutrality goals, and all operations are being aligned to support the achievement of these goals.
PEAK identified a number of issues. One issue raised was that the air handling unit (AHU) fans were programmed to operate during a nightly chilled water pipework flush. As there was no heat transfer required at this time, and the chillers and boilers were not running, the fans did not need to operate.


PEAK raised this issue as a priority with the BMS Contractor, and the appropriate changes were completed to remove the fan enable from the logic for this pipework flush exercise.


This one change has resulted in significant savings of approximately 1,500kWh/week of electricity, in turn delivering on long-term cost saving strategies.

Recommissioned logic to stop fans running during nightly pipework flushing exercise, resulting in annual energy reductions of 78,000 kWh