Catching Faulty Sensor Results in Significant Savings

April 6, 2022

CIM's PEAK platform helps facility and maintenance teams in the micro manufacturing sector identify and fix issues quickly. The success story below is just one example from many of the PEAK platform delivering savings for our clients.


A leading micro electronics manufacturer deployed CIM's PEAK platform to assist with preventative maintenance and to quickly pinpoint issues as they arise. Energy efficiency and carbon reduction are also high very important with management placing significant emphasis on continuous improvement.

CIM's PEAK platform identified an issue with an air handling unit (AHU). Below you can see a chart detailing "AHU 07" operating under normal conditions with the Supply Fan Speed at 50% meeting the required supply static set point of 600pa. When the sensor becomes faulty it increases of the supply fan speed to 100% in an attempt to satisfy the set point of 600pa.


PEAK raised this issue as a priority with the BMS Contractor, and a replacement sensor was installed to rectify the issue.


Given the increase in speed from 50% to 100%, the kWh usage for this unit increased by 173 kWh per day which is detailed in the chart below. If this fault went undetected it would have cost the client €8,840.30 and wasted 63,145 kWh that year.