€41k saved by hot water valve leak detection

November 16, 2023


In a Limerick site, the building management system (BMS) had mistakenly commanded the hot water valve to close while the chilled water valve was fully open. Despite this, the air handling unit (AHU) was supplying air at 8°C above the setpoint, indicating a significant issue. The fully open fresh air dampers should have leveraged cooler outside air, but the system’s temperature remained stubbornly high, hinting at a malfunctioning hot water valve. This was reflected in an alert triggered on the PEAK Platform, notifying the on-site technician of the issue.


Following up on the PEAK alert, the technician discovered that the valve stem was stuck in the open position. The valve was successfully loosened, allowing it to modulate correctly once again. Importantly, this fix was achieved without the need for any equipment replacements or the intervention of external contractors.


Prior to the resolution, the heating coil was wastefully consuming energy by letting hot water flow unnecessarily. This also caused the cooling valve to work overtime in an attempt to reduce the air temperature. The effective troubleshooting and repair of the hot water valve ceased these issues, leading to an impressive annual cost saving of more than €40,000 (USD45,000).

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