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The people side differentiates CIM from others. The CIM team meet regularly with our operations team and discuss the issue, as well as potential opportunities to save energy and optimise HVAC operations. PEAK facilitates energy efficient operation of the building without compromising on comfort.
Chris P
As a new user I promptly received one on one training and I have confidence that I can call upon the support that I need. The most useful feature of the platform is that it contains the accurate history of usage and has alarms to highlight the faults and concerns to be actions. PEAK is a very useful tool in this energy conscious world.
Brenton M
Facilities Manager
There are clear processes in place to identify issues, find solutions and mark when the issue is closed out. The platform also stores a history of issues so at the end of the year we can see what equipment is causing the most trouble. The CIM team are very proactive, their platform can identify issues and show them clearly.

Michael P
Head of Asset Management
Our overall experience has been positive. Regular actions generated for improvements in HVAC operation is certainly the best feature on PEAK. Action tracking showing savings to date and identified savings is also extremely useful along with historic data trending for equipment captured in PEAK.
Karol L
Energy Lead
A great experience, CIM has been extremely proactive and helpful in relation to issues arising, as well as looking at ways to improve on-site functionality and sustainability. The platform has ease of use, as well as the ability to notify HVAC mechanical service providers and BMS maintenance teams of issues arrising. There is also assistence in working with operations on site to better improve current systems in place.
Mathew L
Operations Manager
A very useful tool to monitor building performance data. The customer support from CIM is exceptional which makes the process so much easier. The ease of the process to review and analyse data in the PEAK platform is very helpful.
Yasidu K
Facilities Manager
The platform has been embraced by our BMS and HVAC providers, with great support from the CIM team. A good interface to use with HVAC service providers to manage asset and identify areas for improvement in both comfort and efficiency.
Glen R
Operations Manager
PEAK provides notifications on issues and ways to optimise our existing HVAC systems, saving time, money and energy in the process. The platform is easy to use and provides a great oversight on our building's mechanical systems.
Justin P
Excellent client support and value add offerings. CIM design their software with the end user in mind. The online portal is intuitive and allows for direct data exports. The team at CIM is incredibly talented, and have always been a pleasure to work with.
Elizabeth O
ESG Strategist
A fantastic tool to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Integration was incredibly simple. The support staff are always available and very knowledgable. Being able to cross check the BMS using external software is great. It shows us the issues we have that the BMS doesn't see.
Aidan L
Senior Facilities Manager
I love the fault alert system and the fact that we can create actions for those faults and assign them to specific contractors for follow up. The actions tab also has a graph to see the trend and the fault trigger logic. The overall workflow is efficient and user friendly.
Muhammad A
Services Manager
Very positive experience, we can solve problems with intuitive dashboards and detailed info, save massively on energy usage and generate work orders internally which allows us to close them quicker than ever before. We have the ability to use real data to interrogate problematic equipment to make informed decisions extremely quickly. I only wish I had this platform in all my previous businesses.
Tom W
Energy & Sustainability Engineer
I have been pleased with the service provided by CIM and the functionality of PEAK software to help improve oepration of our building and HVAC systems. The PEAK dashboard is very user friendly. It provides great features such as individual tickets detailing issues with HVAC equipment across our various sites. This allows the FM to action these in a timely manner
Wesley S
Facilities Manager
PEAK has helped us identify efficiencies in the HVAC system and has assisted in identifying faults and areas that need improvement. It has provided a terrific tool for saving overall costs, and is easy to use for all. A great one-stop program for all team members to view and add comment.
Paul M
Facilities Manager
We have been delighted with our experience with PEAK. It has exceeded our expectations. PEAK has helped us increase our NABERS rating which has helped us decrease our running costs, decrease our maintenance costs, improve our sustainability credentials and thus in turn increase the value of our office buildings.
Bill J
Managing Director
The system has allowed the site team to have a better understanding of building HVAC performance on a daily basis, with recommendations from the CIM team. With live data being captured, our on-site contractors can efficiently action any request promptly. PEAK enables the site team to view and execute specific tasks and provides overall building performance with the recommendation for a quick, efficient and effective fix.
Sonny T
Property Services Manager
PEAK has been instrumental in delivering results for our operations. My experience has been excellent from the implementation stage through to delivery - the CIM team and PEAK is a must for businesses who are a serious about making a sustainable change. The team at CIM have made a huge impact to our centres' business. It is a key tool used to reduce our energy consumption and identify efficiencies.
Sam M
Facilities Manager
Overall experience has been very positive. We had success with resolving high overnight water consumption which has been investigated previously but not resolved. Other wins have been tuning of the central plant during times of low occupancy to reduce energy consumption without impacting tenant comfort. Everyone involved in the building's performance is using the same platform to raise, discuss and investigate issues. The other really good thing is being able to pull trends from different buildings all in the one PEAK platform.
Ross C
Technician Lead
PEAK works very well as a fault finding and diagnostic tool. It picks up anomalies on the BMS which would not normally spotted without performing a deep dive by a BMS engineer. It also simplifies any remedial works required and pinpoints how and where the works have to be carried out saving time and money. The support from CIM has been second to none. Also onboarding was really simple and set up took minimal time.
Darrell K
Facilities Manager
We have learned about issues related to our facilities which we never knew we had! As a manager of the facility, I have far more visibility and awareness than I would have with the BMS alone. Working with the CIM team is a pleasure. they are always very helpful and very knowledgeable.The PEAK platform gives good information and provides valuable insights into issues.It is helping us to optimise our facilities set-up and from which we can start focusing on further improvements.
Stephen G
Engineering & Facilities Manager
We have picked up on issues with the BMS and HVAC equipment that otherwise we would of not known about. Working with CIM has been great has they have help us to navigate the site and also to change the parameters as required. The Peak platform has alot of good information to help Building Managers/ Facilities Managers to keep the buildings running at a good level.
Sam T
Building Manager
The Peak dashboard has been quite useful for our organisation. I have found it very helpful in identifying faults with our HVAC system, things that the average FM wouldn't be able to do. They are able to set up alerts for discrepancies in the performance and then are able to identify the root cause of this. You are then able to forward these alerts straight onto the contractor which allows them to access the same data as you are.
Andrew W
Facility Manager

I can view the equipment in real time from one easy to use platform, but also take that platform mobile if I am moving around the building and need to raise the Alerts to contractors and tenants. CIM not only provides a summary of the issue, but also a number of recommended solutions, which is easy for any new or experienced FM to implement as an initial step. CIM has enabled us to resolve a number of issues before our building occupants can raise them!
Hannah M
Senior Facilities Manager

We have definitely found energy efficiencies over our portfolio with the use of PEAK. Having real-time alerts that we can create jobs to our technicians for when plant and equipment isn't running as it should.
Simon H
Senior Facilities Manager

The ease of use and interrogation of the system combined with the online dashboards are a key feature of the park platform and the add to the user experience. The tracker for issues is a great feature and allows for status updates and collaboration from all stakeholders.
Stuart G
Associate Director

Energy saving, quick method to find fault devices in the field. System searches/ processes data with industry norms to highlight issues then alerts user who can act immediately to address. Promts user to possible causes plus teams meetings allow all users to talk about system alerts thereby training also ensued. Nothing negative to say about peak, it helps me gain a better understanding about B.M.S systems.‍‍
Keith R