Westpac Emerging Industries Report

February 19, 2019

February 20, 2019 - Westpac

Clean and connected businesses are paving the way for Australia’s future economic growth, revealed in a new report from Westpac, which highlights significant change is required to support a new breed of businesses that are transforming traditional industries.

CIM Enviro's software tracks energy-draining faults and has reported energy savings for some clients of up to 40 per cent, says founder David Walsh. It’s a step-change in the way buildings are managed and how the products that power them are sourced. There is a compelling demand for these types of products, Walsh says. “Energy prices are increasing, governments are setting emission targets, and tenants are demanding green leases.

“When we came to the market saying there’s a way not just to reduce energy and save on costs, but you can also change your operating model, property owners listened.”

David Walsh

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