Returning to the office - a webinar discussion with UK PropTech

July 9, 2020

Paul Walsh, EMEA General Manager, joined a panel of proptech and real estate experts to discuss what customers, owners and managers need for a return to the office in light of COVID-19. In the webinar hosted by UK PropTech Association and the British Property Federation, the panellists consider:

  • The implications of a return to the office
  • How customers’ use of offices are expected to change
  • How owners and managers should respond
  • How the pandemic might affect office requirements into the future.

In talking about the challenges and opportunities for building owners and operators, Paul mentions that:"From a trust perspective, EHS is vitally important, particularly the health part. A building's large plant and equipment such as its heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system can ensure that air quality, temperature, humidity and other key parameters are being optimised to help minimise any future virus spreads. And from an environmental perspective, management of HVAC can enable buildings to dynamically respond to occupancy levels and directly correlate energy consumption to building occupancy".When asked how CIM is helping customers build trust to facilitate a transition back to the office, he states:"We are working with our clients to build dashboards using indicators from the building management system (BMS) such as air quality, CO2 levels and relative humidity to give building occupants a level of confidence that the HVAC system has been augmented to protect their health and well being. We are seeing a higher requirement for that now, and when we do that analysis with our clients, we are finding their buildings become populated again more quickly."Watch the full webinar discussion on demand here.