QICGRE 2019 ESG Report highlights ongoing partnership with CIM

June 26, 2020

QICGRE released their latest ESG report which covers the FY18/19 period from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019. In the section Our Data and Trends, the report outlines the partnership between CIM and QICGRE across its portfolio.Report excerpt:

  • We have now completed rollout of real-time monitoring software and sub-metering through our partnership with CIM, and this system is expected to provide ongoing opportunities to capture efficiencies in consumption in the coming years.

Automated Operations Monitoring

QICGRE has undertaken a major redesign of its property operations, using advanced automation technology to interrogate individual asset performance data on energy consumption and equipment maintenance, which is delivering real-time information that materially enhances operational efficiency and sets a new standard in best practice asset management.QIC GRE recently partnered with leading Australian technology company CIM to optimise its energy efficiency across its major shopping centre portfolio, using a data-driven approach that collates and interrogates data from all the existing sensors across a building.Failures and deteriorations in asset energy performance instantly generate an alert that details the location of each fault, the root cause, the cost impact and the solution. Each alert automatically becomes an assigned maintenance ticket for onsite teams to close out rapidly, ensuring energy wastage is addressed without delay.This technology is already delivering significant savings and reducing energy consumption as the rollout continues. For more information, read our case study. 

Read the full report here.