CIM recognised as a WiredScore Accredited Solution

April 18, 2023

We’re delighted to be recognised by WiredScore as an Accredited Solution. If a building is currently being audited and hopes to achieve a Wiredscore certification, by implementing CIM's PEAK Platform they will automatically achieve additional 'User Functionality' Credits towards their score.

What is a WiredScore Accredited Solution?

Accredited Solutions are technology providers whose systems and solutions have been benchmarked against WiredScore’s certification standards, empowering them to work with landlords globally. WiredScore connects these solutions with property owners so they can improve their scores and procure building technology with confidence. By utilising Accredited Solutions in a smart building deployment, owners can ensure that their solution deployment has been vetted and can help them achieve SmartScore credits.

How does CIM comply with the SmartScore framework?

The SmartScore Areas of Excellence with which CIM complies are:

  • ESG+R compliant building performance for projects
  • Creating communities within buildings to drive tenant engagement
  • Maintenance and operations efficiencies are improved

WiredScore material defines the potential value-add for landlords deploying CIM's accredited PEAK Platform as follows:

CIM delivers a comprehensive and well rounded platform for any landlord and/or tenant. WiredScore confirms that CIM has the ability to deliver across several key parts of the SmartScore framework and in particular in the Sustainability and Operations sections. CIM delivers a powerful, data-driven building operations software enabling optimized building performance through detailed building analytics driving operational efficiency. As a result, CIM shows an excellent or exceptional level of delivery in several key criteria across the scorecard.

Some of CIM's client wins were recently featured in a WiredScore article on 'The role of smart technology in enhancing energy efficiency in CRE',

PEAK is a best-in-class building analytics SaaS platform created by WiredScore Accredited Solution, CIM. It continuously monitors building equipment for inefficiencies, alerts teams to equipment issues and creates reports that allow users to benchmark their progress around energy consumption, CO2 emissions, air quality and much more. By acting on this information, users of the PEAK Platform can ensure the energy efficiency of their building, saving thousands on energy costs and exceeding government targets. For example, one use case resulted in €62,000 ($67,886) of realized energy savings and the optimization of 139,930 sq. ft. of office space. Another reduced their annual energy consumption by 874 MWh across seven sites.

Want to learn more about WiredScore Accredited Solutions?

Request a callback from one of our team to discover how the PEAK Platform can help you achieve a WiredScore certification via SmartScore credits.