CIM and Analog Devices Finalists for Best Practice and Innovation in Maintenance Management

January 1, 1970

CIM are delighted to partner with Analog Devices as a finalist for the ‘Best Practice and Innovation in Maintenance Management’ award at the MEETA Awards.

The award is given to a project, product or framework that demonstrate new techniques or innovative approaches to Asset Management best practice at any or all of its life cycle stages.

On behalf of Analog Devices, CIM implemented its innovative PEAK platform, a SaaS based technology that integrates building analytics, artificial intelligence and technical engineering support to improve efficiency, sustainability and compliance. By taking a digital approach with the integration of PEAK, Analog Devices has aligned with the energy reduction measures required to meet their corporate goals of carbon neutrality by 2030, and net-zero emissions by 2050. The visibility on asset performance provided by PEAK has allowed the onsite team to make more informed decisions around budgeting, and improved resource allocation across the site. These informed decisions and actions enabled by PEAK have also helped to improve the energy performance of the assets, in turn delivering on long-term cost saving strategies.

The 2021 Awards will be held on November 25th 2021.