Aero Building Solutions Joins CIM's Partner Program

January 24, 2023

CIM, the provider of a world-leading building analytics SaaS platform that helps run large buildings at peak performance, today announced that Aero Building Solutions has joined its partner program.

Aero Building Solutions will utilize the PEAK Platform to help improve operational efficiency and sustainability performance across the portfolio of properties at which it operates and has already identified an initial 20 sites across the United States to onboard.

Based in Illinois, Aero specializes in facility optimization and sustainability. For the last 13 years, Aero has continually been a top leader in the energy market, saving their customers upwards of $26.5M in energy costs. Through their unique combination of commissioning specialists and field technicians, Aero is able to provide an unparalleled approach to helping facilities achieve their efficiency and sustainability goals. The PEAK Platform will support this, with its advanced library of algorithms intelligently monitoring all building equipment to identify any failures, major anomalies, or tuning opportunities.

The initial sites cover more than 15 million square feet (1.45 million sqm) of real estate, ranging in size from 70,000 square feet (6,500 sqm) to 1.6 million square feet (150,000sqm). Amongst the diversified portfolio are office towers, hospitals, and universities.

Nick Muscolino, Vice President at Aero Building Solutions says,

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways to deliver on our purpose for clients.  On top of our already industry leading energy and service analytics, the added capabilities of the CIM platform allows us to provide the client with more robust visibility into their operational, energy, and thermal comfort performance. We will be able to finetune systems with even greater precision to ensure optimal operations are maintained. The partnership with CIM reinforces our ongoing commitment to sustainability, decarbonization, and energy efficiency.”

Mr David Walsh, CIM’s CEO and founder said,

“I am delighted to welcome Aero Building to our global partner program. We believe that the PEAK Platform is uniquely positioned to help Aero further improve operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact for their clients. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership.”

CIM is a fast growing technology company that empowers property operation and engineering teams to work smarter - generating significant operational efficiencies including improved financial performance, reduced climate impact and superior customer experience.


About CIM

CIM delivers innovative building analytics software that helps run large buildings at their peak performance. Their award-winning SaaS platform integrates building intelligence and machine learning to improve efficiency, sustainability and comfort across property portfolios.

About Aero Building Solutions

A consultant based in Illinois, United States, Aero is dedicated to facility system optimization, employing a team of certified professionals and qualified field technicians. Aero travels across the United States to optimize the most sophisticated systems, from tenant buildouts to 3 million square foot hospitals to large data centers. Aero has saved its customers over $26.5M in energy costs and is committed to helping its clients with energy and operational efficiency.