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The Manufacturing Challenge

Operating large, complex manufacturing sites efficiently and sustainably is a challenge. Ever-increasing operational costs, limited capital expenditure and unplanned downtime can add to an already hectic schedule.

Building managers are further challenged by:
Rising and unpredictable energy costs
The challenge of constantly improving uptime 
Aggressive, publicly quoted CO2 reduction targets

Managing your manufacturing facility just got a whole lot easier

Solving these issues is easier than you think, and your untapped data is the key. CIM’s analytics platform goes beyond the capacity of your BMS to find issues with pinpoint accuracy using market-leading fault detection, machine learning and diagnosis software. This results in reduced energy costs, CO2 and more sustainability targets being hit.

Why CIM's PEAK Platform?

Discover why so many of the global leaders in manufacturing have chosen the PEAK Platform to run their properties better.

Improve site efficiency and reduce operational costs

On manufacturing sites where profitability is tied to cost per item made, everything needs to operate as reliably and efficiently as possible to reduce operational expenditure and drive down item costs. PEAK helps you unlock operational and energy savings within six to eight weeks by optimising the efficiency of your HVAC systems, then continuously monitoring and verifying these savings for you.

Achieve environmental commitments and building standards

PEAK helps you meet your corporate sustainability goals and CO2 reduction targets by reducing the carbon footprint of your manufacturing site and improving its environmental performance. You can use PEAK to ensure site compliance with building or energy management standards such as LEED, WELL, GRESB, BREEAM and ISO50001.

Increase the lifespan of your critical equipment

A predictive approach to maintenance is the most effective way to achieve lighter workloads, reduced maintenance budgets and improved efficiency. The PEAK platform pinpoints risks and opportunities, protects improvements and subsequent savings through continuous monitoring. Empower your teams with the ability to proactively maintain equipment and achieve maximum output.

Smarter capital expenditure decisions

Decisions should be based on data-based insights, not manufacturer recommendations. PEAK helps you resolve HVAC issues in real time and ensure optimal equipment performance, leading to longer asset life cycles. Spend less on fixing and replacing non-core equipment and systems to allocate more of your capital expenditure budget to upgrades of critical production equipment instead.
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A trusted partner to the world’s leading manufacturers

Hear from a customer who is unlocking the power of digitised facilities.
“The building management system represented dark data for us. I never had the ability or resources to dive in under the hood. CIM unlocks the data from our BMS and other sources, applies building analytics across it and provides us with the performance and engineering insights we need to implement operational improvements really quickly and without any capital outlay.”
Facility & Energy Manager
Global Technology Manufacturing Company