Life Sciences

Optimise your operations for greater efficiency

Ensure your life science facilities are operating at peak performance.

The Life Sciences challenge

Running complex life science facilities efficiently and sustainably is a challenge. Pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech plants are faced with limited capital expenditure budget, aggressively quoted CO2 goals and difficulty tracking contractor performance.

Operators of these complex facilities are further challenged by:
Rising and unpredictable energy costs
GMP compliance in validated areas
Headcount restrictions for energy management and other non-core activities

The solution lies with the digitising of your operations

Operations teams often recognise the opportunity to achieve site efficiencies by optimising existing plant and equipment, yet they lack the data, expertise, resources and time to do so. The key to unlocking your site's operational potential is data and digitisation.

Why CIM's PEAK Platform?

Discover why so many of the global leaders in life sciences have chosen the PEAK Platform to run their facilities better.

Improve site efficiency to increase profits

At life sciences facilities where profitability is tied to cost per item made, everything needs to operate as reliably and efficiently as possible to reduce operational expenditure and drive down item costs.PEAK helps you unlock operational and energy savings within six to eight weeks by optimising the efficiency of your HVAC systems, then continuously monitoring and verifying these savings for you.

Achieve environmental commitments and building standards

PEAK helps you meet your corporate sustainability goals and CO2 reduction targets by reducing the carbon footprint of your manufacturing site and improving its environmental performance. You can use PEAK to ensure site compliance with building or energy management standards such as LEED, WELL, GRESB, BREEAM and ISO50001.

Smarter capital expenditure decisions

Capital expenditure decisions should be based on fact-based insights, not manufacturer recommendations. PEAK helps you resolve HVAC issues in real time and ensure optimal equipment performance, leading to longer asset life cycles. Spend less on fixing and replacing non-core equipment and systems to allocate more of your capital expenditure budget to upgrades of critical production equipment instead.

A trusted partner to the world’s most successful life science companies

Hear from a life science customer who is unlocking the power of digitized facilities.
“We were dealing with a stagnation of energy reduction initiatives, and were finding it difficult to identify low-cost and quick initiatives and solutions. This was leading to operators becoming more and more inefficient due to unclear direction.”
Site Facilities Manager
Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company