Factsheets: Transform your manufacturing plant for PEAK performance

February 16, 2021

CIM looked at 4 key challenges for the manufacturing industry and outlined how the PEAK Platform could solve these.

Factsheet 1

Large manufacturing sites are focused on ensuring profitability by reducing operational expenditure, yet often overlook the primary opportunity to streamline costs: using data to improve the performance of existing plant and equipment. Learn more by downloading the factsheet.


Factsheet 2

The critical plant and equipment on large manufacturing sites is complex and interconnected, consisting of hundreds of different components. One faulty component could be enough to cause operational inefficiencies, potentially leading to equipment failure, unplanned downtime and productivity disruptions. Download the factsheet to find out how PEAK can help you.

Factsheet 3

PEAK monitors indoor air quality and environmental conditions such as CO2, temperature, humidity, and zone differential pressures in real time, across your entire manufacturing site so you can prioritise health and safety. Download the factsheet to learn more.

Factsheet 4

Managing industry performance benchmarks and achieving sustainability targets, whilst also generating profits, is challenging for most operations teams at large manufacturing facilities. Find out how the PEAK Platform can help you.