November 27, 2020

Knight Frank

Knight Frank, a global commercial real estate and facility management company, operates multiple complex building portfolios and manages numerous vendors and contractors on behalf of its clients.

The company’s facility management teams often rely upon the expertise of these third parties to ensure building peak performance, however this can lead to high operational costs.

“We needed a technology solution to help our facility management teams manage complex asset portfolios more efficiently and cost effectively.” - Nidal Mechhawi, Head of Facilities Management, Knight Frank

Knight Frank's key challenges:

  • Managing multiple vendors and contractors
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Gaining transparency into issues
  • Improving tenant comfort
  • Optimising energy use
  • Increasing sustainability performance


Buildings generate a wealth of data that when unlocked by building analytics, can help to drive better decision making and improve operational performance.
To harness these opportunities within its own portfolio, Knight Frank engaged CIM as its preferred building analytics provider to help manage and uplift the operational performance of it's small-to-medium sized property assets in Australia.

Knight Frank’s teams now use the PEAK platform to take a smarter, data-driven approach to building operations, in partnership with CIM’s customer success team of engineering experts, who provide the right advice on building tuning, optimisation, maintenance and CAPEX planning.

“By digitising the facility management side of our building operations, we are able to continually meet and often exceed our objectives of reducing energy consumption and costs, improving thermal comfort, and streamlining day-to-day operations for our facility managers.” - Nidal Mechhawi, Head of Facilities Management, Knight Frank


Since early 2018, PEAK has proactively identified more than 2,000 faults and tuning opportunities, provided diagnosis and resolution insights, and improved contractor and building management team workflows by helping manage contractors on Knight Frank’s behalf.

The platform generated AUD$204,000 (957 tCO2) of realised energy savings and demand reductions across Knight Frank’s Australian assets in two years, reducing peak demand on one building alone by 23%.

Portfolio improvements:

  • 2 Mill St - 20%YoY energy reduction
  • 66 Goulburn St - 7.5%YoY energy reduction
  • 309 George St - 26%energy reduction
  • 3&5 Rider Blvd - 6.6% energy reduction
  • 628 Bourke St - 23%peak demand reduction
  • 114 William St - 94%thermal comfort rating
  • 207 Pacific Hwy - $44Kenergy savings to date
  • 100 Angas St - 97%thermal comfort rating
  • 99 Walker St - 87%thermal comfort rating


Through ongoing collection and analysis of building data across the portfolio, CIM will assist Knight Frank to reduce planned maintenance, move to a predictive maintenance regime, and drive smarter, data-driven CAPEX planning.

“Our partnership with CIM is helping us to cement Knight Frank’s industry reputation as a standout facility management company. It also strengthens our competitive edge in the market by enhancing the experience for our tenants, which helps to attract and retain key building portfolio accounts.” - Nidal Mechhawi, Head of Facilities Management, Knight Frank

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