Paul Walsh leads the CIM Enviro expansion

June 5, 2019

Above: Paul and David Walsh meeting the Australian Ambassador to Ireland, Richard Andrews, in Dublin. Richard provided insightful advice as to how he can help promote and support CIM Enviro’s EMEA launch.

Paul Walsh has been witness to CIM Enviro’s growth for five years - from an idea in his brother’s head to the success that it is today. He describes CIM Enviro’s CEO and his younger brother David’s passion and drive to address climate change as ‘contagious’ - it is a value he shares.

“I am passionate about minimising my carbon footprint...I cannot work in a sector that pitches ways to save the planet without practising what I preach.”

As part of his commitment to environmental practices, Paul has installed a geothermal heat pump in his family home. As well as upgrading the insulation and windows, he maintains a 100% vegetarian diet and will do whatever possible to limit his air miles. 10 years ago, he even upskilled in order to move his career into the energy efficiency sector so he would be able to bring his passion to address climate change to work.

Bringing with him a decade of experience in the European industrial energy efficiency sector, Paul was drawn to joining CIM Enviro because he believes the ACE Platform is a ‘game changer’ and ‘no brainer’.

When asked about his thoughts on climate change, Paul believes that climate change is perceived by many people as an “inevitable cataclysmic event that is going to happen anyway, and they as individuals can do very little to stop it happening.”

“But, in my opinion, the media does a very poor job of deciphering the technical/science based reports into action - small steps - that every individual could take to help fix it.”

Commercial building owners are individuals too, and if we can appeal to their altruistic desire to help fight climate change we can get them to make small changes also. This small change for a commercial building owner may be to implement clean technology such as CIM Enviro’s ACE platform, which will deliver demand-side energy savings.

The built environment is responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions worldwide. The ACE Platform allows building owners and occupants to reduce their CO2 footprint by converting Big Data pulled from building assets connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) and investigating the data to turn it into actionable reparation tasks.

“The ACE Platform has delivered 40GWh of energy savings across the entire portfolio over the last four years, which has saved 33,200 metric tonnes of CO2 from being emitted… now that changes lives.”

As for the future of CIM Enviro, Paul sees the data that the ACE Platform ingests from buildings being used across multiple decision-making departments and being included in sustainability, finance, maintenance, building service engineers and designers.

“ passion and drive has resulted in a solution that allows commercial property portfolio owner and operators to deliver OPEX savings, prolong asset lifetime, and do this while saving the planet through demand-side energy reduction.”

When he’s not getting CIM Enviro off the ground in Europe, Paul enjoys running, cycling (like his brother) and swimming which he claims he’s not great at but gives him a great headspace.

“My wife tells me I’m addicted to exercise but she agrees I could be addicted to worse!”


CIM Team
June 5, 2019