Building the future our children deserve with Mehreen Ashraf, CIM Project Engineer

March 9, 2020

We’re continuing our “Meet the Team” series this week by introducing Project Engineer, Mehreen Ashraf.As companies look to implement their strategies to achieve their Net Zero commitments, CIM engineers like Mehreen are uniquely positioned to deliver an impact using her experience in engineering, building services, and renewable energy.Mehreen joined CIM about a year ago after moving to Australia in 2018. Like many of us that move to a new country, she’s here without the help and support of her extended family, who are still back in Pakistan. She’s an adventurer at heart--Australia is the 4th country she’s lived in. A genuine passion for helping buildings become more sustainable and energy-efficient is what brings Mehreen to CIM every day. She looks after a variety of CIM clients, including office, manufacturing, and retail customers in Australia and the UK. Her career path to date has led her into this role, which she considers to be “doing her bit” for reducing carbon emissions.With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a few years of working at a telecommunications company in Pakistan, Mehreen was uninspired by the lack of technical skill required in her role. Wanting to move into the design element of instrumentation and control systems, she decided to extend her knowledge base in building controls and sustainable energy by opting to study a master’s degree in building services engineering with an emphasis on sustainable energy from the UK.When asked what she aspires to do more of, Mehreen is quick to answer, succinctly.

“I want to continue to play my part in making buildings sustainable and more liveable while emitting zero CO2—a future of the built environment that our children rightfully deserve."

By incorporating her knowledge of engineering, building services, renewables and design optimisation, she knows she can make a real impact by helping CIM’s customers limit their dependency on fossil fuels.We’re grateful to have a team that is united by the same passion--delivering environmental benefits for our customers and society.--Written by Rachelle Huynh

CIM Team
March 9, 2020