How to remotely monitor and manage your building operations

March 23, 2020

As the global effort to flatten the growth curve of COVID-19 ramps up, many businesses are under pressure to scale back operations as much as possible and ensure the safety and wellbeing of their people and customers. The challenge for real estate owners and operators is how to effectively wind down their building operations and costs while ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for remaining tenants, visitors and staff. Modern day technology, IoT, and data analytics has now made it possible to effectively manage buildings without having to step foot on site, easing the pressure on teams by giving them the ability to control their building operations virtually. Building analytics solutions like CIM's PEAK Platform can adaptively control and programmatically write back to the building management system (BMS). This means that operations teams can make smart and simple changes to the operation of their building systems remotely, without needing to be on site or send contractors.Virtually, operations teams can use building analytics to:

  • Improve the air quality of their buildings
  • Ensure the smooth operation of critical plant and equipment
  • Reduce energy costs in response to lower foot traffic
  • Immediately report high priority issues
  • Restore normal operations when applicable

Building analytics can not only affect change remotely, it can also monitor system performance and ensure adjustments to building operations achieve the desired outcomes. Rules-based algorithms automatically and continuously scan the building’s dataset to identify anomalies.Should it be absolutely necessary for a maintenance contractor to come to site, building analytics pinpoints the root cause of faults or issues to enable them to carry out their work faster and minimise time on site.CIM is committed to supporting our customers and other real estate owners and operators during COVID19. Read our response strategy for measures you can implement onsite today, or get in touch with us if you need more help maintaining building operations remotely.


CIM's PEAK Platform is a best-in-class building analytics SaaS technology, improving efficiency, sustainability, and tenant comfort across property portfolios. Discover more by watching a demo.

CIM Team
March 23, 2020