CIM Enviro is now CIM. Here’s why.

October 8, 2019

I’m excited to announce we’ve changed our name from CIM Enviro to CIM. As our company continues to mature and expand globally, our brand and products need to grow with us, to best reflect why we exist, what we stand for and where we are headed.

Sharpening our name to CIM is just one of the many changes we’ve made to help us achieve this goal. We’ve also updated our logo, look and feel and renamed ACE—our award-winning building analytics platform—to PEAK. I want to share the reasons why.

I started CIM Enviro in 2014 and it was born from my passion to help owners and managers of large building assets leverage building data to run them more efficiently and sustainably. Industry experience taught me that Building Management Systems (BMS) are not the answer; building analytics are required to provide data-driven insights that can optimise how buildings are run.In the early days, as I was bootstrapping the business, I built and named the platform myself, albeit with some input from family and friends of course!

I chose CIM Enviro because CIM stands for Continuous Intelligent Monitoring, which is what the platform does, and Enviro because improving the environment is fundamental to the company’s mission. Making the built environment more sustainable is a significant outcome of PEAK, and honestly, one of the reasons why I’m motivated to get up every day to build the business.I had some early customer success with large retail and commercial property owners and it wasn’t long before I validated the platform, secured funding and hired a world-class team. Together we built a powerful building analytics platform that now serves marquee property owners in Australia’s retail, commercial, government, cultural and airport sectors.

Since then, we’ve grown up really fast. We’ve recorded 13% month-on-month growth in the past 18 months and recently started expanding into new markets including Europe where we now have a team in place. This momentum has fuelled a rethink of our brand to make it more aligned with who we really are, what we do and where we are headed.

So who are we really?At our core, we believe that well-run buildings deliver better economic, environmental and social outcomes for everyone. Our vision is to be the world leader in building analytics software, making it easy to operate large buildings at their peak operational performance, to deliver economic and environmental benefits for shareholders, tenants and society. Our powerful PEAK platform delivers this vision by integrating building intelligence, machine learning and mechanical engineering to improve efficiency, sustainability and comfort across sites and property portfolios.

Major shopping centres, office buildings, airports and museums are just some examples of large buildings that are complex to manage. Each has thousands of stakeholders, significant daily foot traffic, and a critical role to play within its community. From an operations perspective, these buildings are challenging to run and those responsible can suffer hefty penalties when things go wrong. Effectively operating the mechanical and technical equipment inside complex buildings is critical in order to maximise the asset value for shareholders, tenants and the community. Enhancing building operations not only significantly improves the sustainability and comfort of our built environment, but it is also key to addressing our planet’s greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.  While driving positive environmental change will always be at the centre of our brand and an important outcome of our solution, Continuous Intelligent Monitoring— continuously accessing, analysing and manipulating data to improve the management of complex buildings—is and will remain at the core of what we actually do.

Changing our name to CIM reflects that more boldly.

I hope you like the changes to our brand as much as we do. They reflect who we are today; a young, smart tech company driven by a team who is passionate about smart buildings, data analytics and the impressive improvement curve our solution delivers to every customer. It also reflects the many people—owners, managers, engineers, and contractors—who are central to building management, and who are further empowered by access to actionable insights provided by advanced data analytics. Lastly, it reflects better environmental outcomes, which are now firmly, and rightly, at the centre of our brand.

David Walsh
October 8, 2019