2019: A 'Greta' moment for Real Estate

December 20, 2019

As I reflect on 2019, it's encouraging to see just how rapidly the property sector is transforming.People are starting to care more about climate change as they become more aware of, and unfortunately experience themselves, associated climate risks. This has prompted many organisations, including our customers, to take big leaps forward this year in an effort to lower emissions across their building portfolios, reduce energy consumption and optimise these assets for efficiency. There’s also been increased recognition and discussion regarding the material benefits of improving sustainability, as the positive impact it has on property valuation and productivity becomes even clearer.CIM’s success will depend on happy clients who are embracing sustainable property management, and so it is wonderful to be finishing the year with more than double the number of buildings using our PEAK platform than at the start of the year. As we gear ourselves up to welcome a raft of new customers in early 2020 and new global team members, I’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on some of my own highlights from 2019.Customers

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed growing and maintaining strong relationships with our valued clients as we support them in achieving and exceeding their efficiency and sustainability goals.


  • Our rebrand in October solidified our company vision to be the world leader in building analytics software, making it easy to operate large buildings at their peak operational performance, to deliver economic and environmental benefits for shareholders, tenants and society.
  • It also reflects how much we’ve matured as a company, the strength of our product and indeed, the growing sophistication of our client base.


  • We raised AU$2.5 million to help accelerate our growth and product development in 2019, and we’ve made great strides in product innovation, adding new modules that give our customers more visibility and control over the performance of their assets.
  • We’ve also more than doubled our global team and expanded to EMEA, opening an office in London and Ireland. It's exciting to see how quickly the team is ramping up in region and to hear the customer success stories so far.

Without wanting to dampen the mood, I can’t avoid noting that as I write this, looking out my office window in Sydney, I cannot see my usual sparkling city for the thick smoke that fills the air. Friends, I know you agree that this cannot be our new norm.There are many in our industry—customers, partners, industry leaders and friends—who are doing great work to reverse our climate situation and make buildings better for everyone. I congratulate you on your achievements to date to reduce emissions and turn the property sector into a sustainable one. I also want to thank you for your unwavering support this year. The team at CIM are looking forward to getting stuck into another year full of opportunities to continue making a real difference for our customers, their stakeholders and the planet.I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season and all the best for the New Year.---

David Walsh
December 20, 2019