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The Energy Blind Spots

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A revealing look at energy costs, energy monitoring and decision-making in UK manufacturing

From life sciences, through to semiconductor and microchip manufacturing, the UK government believes the country’s hi-tech industries will be the engine of economic growth and prosperity.

However, these industries, whilst being world leading, are increasingly facing a growing number of energy-related headwinds that are impacting profitability and competitiveness.

We wanted to find out what facilities managers and site managers think, those who are juggling these issues and attempting to find a route through the maze. These are the people charged with contributing to long-term strategic plans for their organisations and are attempting to juggle the sometimes clashing objectives of their own internal stakeholders.

The CIM PEAK Platform

How It Works

The PEAK Platform digitises property operations by capturing collecting and analysing all of the available building data; equipment IoT sensor data, HVAC, BMS and NMI feeds, and more, before synthesising it into structured and normalized sets. This is then translated into valuable insights to pinpoint inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization.
Rules Engine
The beating heart of the platform’s fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) capability is its Rules Engine. The PEAK Rules Engine includes a growing library of advanced FDD template algorithms which are deployed across all building equipment to monitor performance.

Billions of building data points are streamed and captured to detect equipment failure, abnormal operation and optimization opportunities.
PEAK Alerts
Once a deployed rule from within the Rules Engine goes into fault, an insight is generated as an Alert to notify building managers of an identified anomaly, failure or tuning opportunity.

These Alerts are displayed as tickets within the platform and include a detailed explanation of the issue, impacted equipment, rectification steps and data trend history.
PEAK Actions
PEAK Actions is a simple-to-use cloud workflow tool where site teams and contractors can seamlessly collaborate to action insights. Users can raise tasks, track progress, communicate with others and maintain a complete digital history of activities for a building.

Through this centralized workflow and communication, teams can spend less time doing meetings, paperwork, emails and follow up. And more time getting things done.
Customized dashboards can be used to visualise building information clearly, by synthesising complex data sets. This provides the visibility, transparency and oversight required to make data-driven decision-making at both a senior management and on-the-ground level.

PEAK reporting mechanisms provide detailed yet clear insights across a range of building performance areas including electricity, gas and water usage, thermal comfort and relative humidity, CO2-e saved, equipment performance etc.
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