The Secret About Asset Servicing Manufacturers Don’t Want You To Know

April 14, 2018
CIM Team

Production processes have not changed much since the Industrial Revolution. Companies buy industrial assets, place them into service based on pre-set schedules, adjust schedules based on seasonal cycles, repair assets when they fail, and replace them when they reach a certain age.This centuries-old approach is being disrupted by technology like CIM Enviro’s ACE Platform.The factory floor is no longer a static group of assets, but rather a dynamic, complex system that can be managed to reduce utility consumption and operating costs.The ACE Platform collects and analyses data giving real-time insight into asset performance. Having the right data at the right time (and knowing what to do with it) means minimising the risk of asset failure, saving money and time.

Five Ways Data Can Improve Life For Facility Managers.

1. Insights

By monitoring your building infrastructure in real-time, we identify inefficiencies using our ACE Platform. This gives you the insights you need to take effective action and improve performance.

2. Cost Savings

Our clients see cost savings of between 20% to 40% with an average payback of 5.7-months.

3. Optimising Operations

By using the ACE Platform you make the best use of the resources you have to identify opportunities to improve with benchmarking, advanced energy data analytics and reporting tools. Predictive analytics allows you to adjust your operational processes to minimise costly downtime, reduce waste, enhance visibility and increase productivity.

4. Energy Efficiency

With utility costs being the second largest line item on most institutional and commercial building balance sheets, energy savings is critical. The ACE Platform will improve energy efficiency and results in more efficient operations, happier tenants and the ability to either enhance or maintain a NABERS ratings. You’ll also be able to adjust how and when you consume energy to optimise overall performance.

5. Communication:

The ACE Platform removes fault investigation time thus enabling facility managers to respond quicker, improve performance and productivity while also minimising misunderstandings.Data, analysed correctly, has significant impact on facilities management. Those who are able to grasp the opportunities which it offers should see the corporate value of their role grow in leaps and bounds.

CIM Team
April 14, 2018